windows 7 32 or 64bit

  graham154 10:59 24 Apr 2011

i have a packard bell desktop pc it came with windows vista home premium 32 bit installed and 1gig of ram.i upgraded to 2gig of ram and bought windows home premium upgrade it had both 32and 64bit disks i installed 32bit would i gain anything by changing to the 64bit version

  birdface 11:10 24 Apr 2011

In my opinion No. I would leave it on the 32bit version I bought my computer and should have checked first but it had the 64bit installed and you need double updates for flash and java and probably other programs as well if you want to use the 64 Bit version of I/E and the 32Bit. 2Gb of ram I would stay with the 32Bit. Wait and see what others think before installing any of them.

  gengiscant 11:20 24 Apr 2011

I use Windows 7 64 bit and have had no problems with any program I have installed and at the last count was 65. Its entirely up to you 64 bit will allow you to install more RAM but if you are sticking with just 2Gb the the 32 bit version will be enough for you.

  graham154 11:34 24 Apr 2011

i will stick with 32 bit for time being i may had couple more gigs ram at some future date

  Anti_Virus 11:43 24 Apr 2011

In my opionion I think you should go 64-bit now. Whilst yes, 2GB of RAM means no real benefit of 64 right now, but, if you're going through the process of upgrading OS, why not go 64-bit? Especially if you're thinking you may add more RAM in the future. It would save you having to upgrade to 64-bit then (when upgrading 32-bit to 64-bit you have to do a clean install).

I have 64 bit, and I have absolutely no compatibilty issues with software or hardware. Most software/hardware nowadays is, if not fully, then more-or-less supported by 64 bit with no issues. I have 4GB of RAM, and apparently 64 manages 4 better than 32.

Unless you have really old hardware, I think you might as well save future hassle and go 64 bit sooner rather than later.

  robin_x 11:54 24 Apr 2011

When I upgraded to W7 64, my 'really old' (6 yrs) modem and printer had to be replaced. Only XP 32 drivers were available. ISP gave me a new w'less modem router and I bought a cheap printer.

Apart from that all fine.

A 64 bit processor is of course needed!

  Forum Editor 12:26 24 Apr 2011

robinofloxley makes the important point here

Unless you have a 64bit processor installed it's pointless considering a change.

  ventanas 12:43 24 Apr 2011

64bit processor - exactly. I have a laptop and desktop all in one both running 64bit. My existing 32bit Vista laptop was upgraded and I stuck at 32bit, because it had a 32bit processor. I do not notice any difference between the two laptops (one has 3gb and the other 2gb memory) The all in one has 8gb so that is a bit quicker. There is no point in going 64bit.

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