Is Windows 32 or 64bit?

  Chris-347369 12:18 29 Mar 2006

Really stupid question I know and will probably have a really simple answer but how do you tell whether or not a copy of Windows XP is 32bit or 64bit?

  Totally-braindead 12:21 29 Mar 2006

XP is 32 bit unless you've purchased the 64 bit version which has a few problems with hardware ie no drivers for them yet. It will tell you on the disk, if it doesn't say 64 bit then its 32 bit.

  Chris-347369 12:23 29 Mar 2006

It came preloaded with my computer which I bought a couple of months ago so I haven't got the XP disk just some recovery disks which don't have a lot of info with them. I'm just having some issues with drivers so i'm wondering whether or not this is the cause

  Totally-braindead 12:34 29 Mar 2006

I'll have to leave this to someone who can answer this from experience as I haven't seen a Windows 64 bit running, I imagine though that when loading it would come up "Windows XP 64 bit loading" and under System in Control Panel it would say something about it.

What driver issues are you having and what make is your computer?

  Chris-347369 12:40 29 Mar 2006

I have a Dell Dimension 5150 and am trying to install a HP PSC 1215 All-In-One Printer.

After it has installed I get none of the options of being able to print test pages/check cartridge levels etc like I did on my old PC and everytime I restart the computer after installing it I get the message "Preparing to install..." appear for a few seconds

  Totally-braindead 12:55 29 Mar 2006

You could look here and see if theres anything click here failing that what I would do is delete the printer and try reinstalling, if that fails then download the latest driver from here click here I haven't got an HP printer myself, are you ment to install the software before you connect it or after, some hardware requires the software to be put on before you connect it. Epsons are like that.

  Totally-braindead 12:58 29 Mar 2006

The Dell 5150 comes with either XP Home, Pro or Media, the 64 bit version is not an option according to the website.

  Chris-347369 13:03 29 Mar 2006

I can't see anything in the list but I will try downloading the driver from the website tonight and see whether that works any better than the one that came on the disk!

In answer to the other question there's a point during the installation where it asks you to connect up the printer

  ACOLYTE 13:44 29 Mar 2006

Silly question i know but did you install the status monitor as well as the printer driver?
The preparing to install message could be the driver finishing the instalation off.

  >steve< 23:56 31 Mar 2006

i have the same printer it installed the first time no problem then for some reason stopped working i tryed to reinstall and it kept going wrong.i did sort it by inserting the install disk and choosing uninstall then i disconnected from the internet(broadband allways on)then i turned off the av and firewall then reistalled it from scratch the trick is do not connect the printer untill it says so and all should go well.

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