Windows 2000Pro or Windows Xp

  will123 19:48 01 Oct 2004

Simple question
which one is better?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:52 01 Oct 2004

Not a simple question if you want a good answer.

Probably winXP pro - but it will depend on your hardware, your software, your need for the machine... all sorts of variables.

I have win2k pro and having fine tuned it, find it is perfect.

  will123 19:53 01 Oct 2004

what do you mean by fine tuned it any ideas on improving win2k please tell me

  Diodorus Siculus 20:01 01 Oct 2004

will123- I got all the correct drivers for my hardware, turned off unnecessary services: (see click here for info)got the correct amount of RAM etc.

Then created an image file and use this to restore / reinstall whenever I think I have too much junk on the machine.

  temp003 06:07 02 Oct 2004

I use w2k pro as well, and find it perfect as Diodorus Siculus does. I find xp (on my new laptop) too intrusive.

There is nothing really important which xp pro can do but w2k pro can't. So for existing users of w2k pro, I would say there's no particular need to upgrade.

But since you're buying a new OS, much as I personally prefer w2k, I would suggest you get XP.

XP is a very good OS (mainly because it uses w2k's very stable platform), and since it's a more recent OS, it's the one to buy.

You will get longer support. There are bound to be things which MS will only give to xp but not w2k. This is already happening, especially with XP's SP2. SP2's features are a mixed bundle, some are good, some are silly, but in the long run, XP is still a better bet.

Then it's a question of which edition of XP. XP Pro has extra security and networking (such as use in a domain) features, which a home user doesn't really need. XP pro, like w2k pro, does give you more options in controlling how the computer behaves, but generally XP Home would be fine.

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