Windows 2000 problems

  ikle_pixie 22:19 21 Mar 2004

Ive formatted my PC 3 times today and something still isnt right. Im convinced its virus related. I keep getting an SVCHOST error, which ive had before. But now im getting all sorts of problems like not being able to surf any further then the MSN webpage without getting an error about not being able to empty the search page.

Now i have 2 ideas whats so far about what could be causing the problems. Anyone got any other ideas?

1. Now my C drive is partitioned into 2. The D drive holds a lot of my music so i dont format it. So could there possibly be a virus lurking on there that an anti-virus hasnt picked up.

2. Is my IP address being attacked or am i being paranoid! Cus im sure its happening as soon as im on the internet

Help....going mad....

  ikle_pixie 23:15 21 Mar 2004

plus...when i try to network my pc..the client can access the internet but the server pc cant see the client!!


  y_not 05:15 22 Mar 2004

Found this "This is a worm called loveSan. The stinger application distributed by mcafee (click here) removed it from my system and everything is back to normal. You MUST install the patch from microsoft (Windows2000-KB823980-x86-ENU.exe) since this thing is a worm and will infect you again if you don't close the hole in the RPC system.

Sugested solution:

download stinger
download mspatch

don't connect to internet!!!!!
apply stinger
apply patch
get you life back" in one of the forums


click here at the MS site.

Hope it helps

p.s. the link to the forum is click here

  ikle_pixie 14:13 22 Mar 2004

I've tried all the above and something still isnt right. My internet wouldnt work for a while and now its back on....still cant network properly...

Whats going on!!!!

  AndySD 14:31 22 Mar 2004

How many pcs on your network? If one of them is compamised it could be the problem.

Personally I would pull the pc from the network and load windows then install an antivirus and firewall (if you use one) then add the pc back to the network.

  ikle_pixie 15:29 22 Mar 2004

Just me and 1 client. Is it possible that as soon as im connected to the internet im being sent a virus?

  ikle_pixie 15:39 22 Mar 2004

It must be the MS Blaster virus cus my story matches a few on the forum y_not gave me.
It startted yesterday when i formatted my pc because it was acting strange. Formatted it, everything was fine until i plugged the internet cable in. Then norton wouldnt update or work for that matter, add remove programs wouldnt open properly, regedit and task manager stay open for a second then close again and i cant update windows....

  ikle_pixie 15:53 22 Mar 2004


I refuse to make this post go away! tee hee

  Aspman 16:05 22 Mar 2004

Are you definitely formatting before you reinstall 2000 or are you reinstalling on top of the existing OS?

  ikle_pixie 16:08 22 Mar 2004

hmm, well i use the format facility that comes with the 2000 disk. Well it says its formatting...Warning, all data will be deleted... type thing...

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