windows 2000 pro need to upgrade?

  justkevin 14:31 07 Nov 2009

Been told I need to upgrade to windows 7 for some reason I don't really understand.What would I need to do in order to avoid buying a new pc? is it just the £59 software from Tescos or is there more in it than that,can't believe it's really that simple.How much of my pc tower can I keep,I am not into gaming etc so what should I do?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:34 07 Nov 2009

Why have you been told you need to upgrade to Windows 7?

Does the machine do what you want it to do?

  canarieslover 14:45 07 Nov 2009

If you are running Win 2000 and that is what the machine came with, then I would leave well alone. If the software you use is satisfactory for your needs there is little point in going to Win 7. Probably upgrading the components to enable Win 7 to run properly will cost as much as a new computer and then you may even have to upgrade some of your software too. You could quite easily end up spending twenty times the cost of the Win 7 DVD.

  justkevin 13:14 15 Nov 2009

The only reason for the upgrade was because my broadband provider tells me that the modem they now supply,only works on windows 7 or vista.The faulty modem I have, was supplied by them and works on windows 2000 pro.I don't want to change but if I lose my internet connection it seems I will have to.I am with Talktalk and being free is worth hanging onto as in general I have no complaints

  canarieslover 13:37 15 Nov 2009

Would not any standard modem work with your ISP? I have been using the same modem from Win 2000 Pro to XP Pro and then Vista and with 3 different ISP's in the last 6 years. Routers are not that expensive and it may work out cheaper in the long term to purchase your own.

  cream. 13:41 15 Nov 2009

an ADSL modem router? wired or WiFi. The router would give you the connection to the internet, just input details and the connection to the computer would probably be via ethernet cable or you could use wireless.

Look for one that is 2000SP4 compliant like click here

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