Windows 2000 Pro - How to restore?

  Gaz W 22:56 26 Jan 2004

My brother's PC had a trojan on it and I ran AVG. While it was running he informed me he had deleted the offending executable files from the root of C:, because this is where some of the files were found. This included a copy of Doom that had been downloaded from somewhere, but the file NTDETECT.COM and some others were obviously deleted, as now it won't boot.

I have probably made the situation worse by using what was most likely the wrong command in the recovery console: fixboot. Now if I let it boot from the CD and choose Repair it can't find Windows installed, but I'm sure if I'd tried that first it would have.

Is there any way I can restore the boot sector and have the appropriate files there for Windows 2000 to boot, or will I have to format & reinstall?

It's probably not a total disaster, because I might be able to access the hard disk by putting it into another machine and copying the files over, but it would be much more convenient to just get this installation working again.

Any solutions appreciated!


  Diodorus Siculus 23:25 26 Jan 2004

You should be able to do a reinstall over the current install of Win2k. Try booting with the CD and install in the same location as is the current one.

  woodchip 23:30 26 Jan 2004

If it will not boot from the CD use a Win98 Floppy start disc to load CD drivers, But you will need to set the BIOS to look for the first boot device to be Floppy disc. When's it's loaded CD driver you can then run the setup file

  Wrinkles 00:13 27 Jan 2004

When I used 2000 it was never easy to restore, always said it couldn't find the windows installation. If I recall correctly you go to recovery console, try the repair option by all means but don't hold your breath, You should look in the windows directory for a folder called "Repair" In there I think there will be registry back up file, (sorry can't remember the name) however i think its an obvious one, this is the file to restore using the "restore" command.
Not much help I know but may put you on the right track. Personally I went from 2000 pro to XP then back to Win 98 SE. 98 at least does what it says on the box, most of the time

  Gaz W 00:14 27 Jan 2004

It will boot from the CD, but I can't use the Repair (or restore - I forget) because it can't find Windows 2000 installed on the hard disk, most probably because there is no boot sector or NTDETECT.COM or whatever.

I can't just COPY the file over because it needs to be in the boot sector doesn't it?

  Gaz W 00:17 27 Jan 2004


Got your post when I was typing! I'll give that a go tomorrow. I'll most probably work it out, but I think it's MAINLY the absence of the NTDETECT.COM file that's causing the problems.

Thanks everyone for your help so far.


  hugh-265156 00:47 27 Jan 2004

i know nothing and this is a total guess but:

if the master boot record is missing or corrupt try:

"fixmbr" from the recovery console

or use the win98 oem bootdisk(with ramdrive) from click here boot with it and type "fdisk /mbr"

fixed a dodgy linux/xp dual boot when it went pear shaped for me.may be worth a go.

  temp003 10:44 27 Jan 2004

When you used the fixboot command, you must have been in Windows 2000's Recovery Console. Are you saying that now you cannot get back to Recovery Console because it can't detect any Windows installation? [In Windows 2000 setup, press R, then press C to access Recovery Console.]

You need 3 files to boot back into Windows 2000 (assuming the installation is otherwise fine): ntldr,, and boot.ini, all in the C root directory.

Ntldr and are on the w2k CD, which can be copied to the C drive in Recovery Console.

The boot.ini file will need to be manually created. On any computer, open Notepad, and type the following:

[boot loader]



[operating systems]

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect

[Note: when you type out the text in Notepad, there is no need to enter a double carriage return between the lines. A single carriage return is OK. On this site, I need to use double carriage return to separate the lines, otherwise all the text will appear on this site as one single paragraph.]

Save the file on to a floppy, as A:\boot.ini (do NOT save it to the C drive on the computer you are using, especially if it is a w2k or XP machine).

Then go back to w2k machine, boot with CD and enter Recovery Console. At the C:\WINNT> prompt, type:

copy x:\i386\ntldr c:

and press Enter (where x is the CDROM drive letter, usually D). Then type:

copy x:\i386\ c:

and press Enter. Then insert the floppy with the boot.ini file, and type:

copy a:\boot.ini c:

and press Enter. If on any of these commands, you're asked whether to ovewrite existing file, say yes.

Then type exit and press Enter to restart computer. Remove w2k CD. See if machine boots.

  temp003 10:55 27 Jan 2004

If you can't get into Recovery Console any more, you can try to boot into w2k by using a boot floppy, but you will need to have access to another machine with either w2k or XP installed.

On another w2k or XP machine, insert a floppy. Right click Drive A and select Format. On the next window, just click Start. Do NOT tick any of the available option boxes. Let the machine format the floppy. You must do this in a w2k or XP machine, and must do this step even with a brand new floppy. This is to create an NT boot sector on the floppy, so that when the computer boots from it, it will look for ntldr. Otherwise the floppy will not be bootable.

After formatting, copy the files ntldr and either from a w2k or XP CD, or from the w2k or XP machine's C root directory (XP's version of the 2 files are backward compatible with w2k).

Then create the boot.ini in Notepad as above and save the file to the floppy as A:\boot.ini (again do not save it to the machine's C drive).

After copying all 3 files to the floppy, take it to the faulty w2k machine, insert it, and start computer (making sure that in BIOS, the floppy drive comes before the hard disk in the boot sequence).

If your brother's w2k installation is otherwise fine, the floppy should boot up the computer and load w2k. Once in w2k, copy the 3 files from the floppy to the C drive, and do any other cleanup of viruses or trojans as necessary. Remove floppy, restart from hard disk to see if w2k will load from the CD.

If neither method works, post back.

  temp003 10:58 27 Jan 2004

Second last para above, last line, should read: ... to see if w2k will load.

  Gaz W 16:28 27 Jan 2004

I can get into Recovery Console - it was just what to do when I got there I didn't know!

I'll try what you suggested above.

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