windows 2000 networked to windows 98

  stuntmaster 21:47 02 Jan 2005

ok, i have got the network running ok over a Cat5e crossover cable with a speed of 100 MBPS on Netbeui,
but windows 2000 can access 98 perfectly, but has a short delay once i double click on 'computers near me' in network places, and for some reason windows 98 can 'see' win 2000 but cannot access it, all i get is a password screen, i type in the only password for win 2000 as there is only one account 'administrator' and it denies it.

all i need help on is.

1. fix that delay problem
2. get 98 to access win 2000

can anyone help?

much apreciated.


  y_not 08:14 03 Jan 2005

On the win2k system you will have set up the "normal user" i.e. yourself, without a password. Try typing into the password screen your own name - this should let you in (the "normal name" is also listed under "documents & settings")

Also, have you set up at least one shared file on each PC?

  stuntmaster 12:09 03 Jan 2005

Part two solved thanks, you were right i had to somewhow get the 98 user on the 2000 pc, and i tried it at first failed, but then i managed to get it to work by adding a 'normal user' like you said and it worked! now can fully access other pc.
nice work.

but how can i fix that delay?
i know its not just my pc i have looked on the internet, and found that quite alot of people have had the same problems, but im not paying to find out how it was fixed. (experts exhange charge you)


  y_not 18:53 03 Jan 2005

I remember the delay you are talking about. I also had the "problem" (but in my ignorance assumed it was normal).

The "problem" went away when the router failed and had to be replaced - I think the new one is an 811G (or something like that) and the old one was slower.

Have you thought about mapping it as a network drive? I think that allows faster access (but don't quote me on it!)

Glad you got the other part sorted.

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