Windows 2000 Installation Screens

  WNS Ltd 10:57 20 Feb 2004

Hi i was wondering if somebody could help me. My old man whishes to install windows 2000 and i said i would put together the instrcutions for him as he wants to learn how to do it. But where abouts would i get some printscreens from that shows the different screens he will come across? ive tried using my digital camera but it doesnt seem to come out very well. Cheers.

  leo49 11:02 20 Feb 2004

click here

This guide should help.

  leo49 11:10 20 Feb 2004

click here

Here's another - there are also video tutorials on this site.

  temp003 03:05 21 Feb 2004

A few precautions and steps to take in preparation.

What OS is he using now?

You should check hardware and software compatibility first. W2k is now so mature that compatibility is seldom an issue, unless the equipment is really ancient.

Computer should have at least 128MB of RAM, preferably more. It's not worth installing w2k with only 64MB RAM. Add if necessary.

Back up important files, data to CD before new installation (whether upgrade or fresh install).

If possible, check the version of w2k on the CD. If it is fairly recent, the CD may already have one of the later service packs integrated into it. The latest Service Pack is SP4.

Download the Microsoft Blaster patch for w2k and burn to CD. click here . This requires SP3 or SP4 already installed. After installation of w2k, and BEFORE going on the net to download updates, apply this patch. This is because without the patch, the computer may be attacked by the Blaster or related worms once you get on the internet (to download the patch itself or update virus definitions). It has happened to me.

If the version of w2k on CD is earlier than SP3, I suggest, if you or your dad has broadband, downloading the network installation version of SP4 (130MB) first, click here and burn it to CD. This version of the download has everything in it, and will apply only the necessary elements to the computer. The express installation version is a small initial download, and then during installation will download further files as necessary (which means you need to get on the net before you can apply the Blaster patch). After installing w2k, apply the network install version of SP4, restart, and apply the Blaster patch, restart, before going on the internet.

If for any reason it's not possible to apply the Blaster patch before going on the internet (e.g. CD version of pre-SP3, and you have no broadband connection to download the huge 130MB full SP4), it's OK, you may not get the Blaster related worms. Even if you do, removal is easy.

The w2k CD (particularly if it has one of the recent Service Packs integrated) contains a lot of drivers, so drivers for the basic components will be installed. But there are bound to be drivers which need to be installed by yourselves.

On existing Windows (whatever version), go to Device Manager and note down the hardware components on the computer. Most important things are graphics card, sound card, modem or network card. Modem is particularly tricky. Windows (even XP) never seems able to install the right modem driver from its own archives.

If possible, note down the brand and model number of these devices (especially modem), see if the installation CDs for these devices are still around, and check if the CD contains drivers for w2k. If not, go on the net and download w2k drivers for these devices, burn to CD first.

Internet connection software - some ISPs need you to install their own internet connection software. If applicable, make sure that the installation CD (if any) has a version that works with w2k.

Make sure your dad knows the log on information for the internet and his email account (account name and password).

W2k's version of Internet Explorer is IE5. If he wants IE6, either download it or it should be easily available from one of these computer magazines CDs.

Back up IE Favourites, OE address book, email messages, and email account settings. If your dad needs help on how to do this, post a separate thread.

  temp003 04:32 21 Feb 2004

Here's a link to a step by step guide, click here with screenshots, for installing Windows 2000 SERVER. I know it's not w2k Professional, but the steps and screenshots are the same, except you get a few more options to configure in the Server version which you won't come across in the Professional version.

If your dad's OS is 98 or earlier, then he has the option for the upgrade route. There is no upgrade path from ME to w2k. An "upgrade" will keep existing programs and data intact, and back up the old 98 system files for reverting back to 98 if desired. Sounds good, but avoid it if possible, unless he's not sure w2k will work, or he doesn't have the CD for important programs any more.

It is better to do a format and clean install. It will work better. W2k's platform is quite different from 9x or ME, and a clean install will get the most out of w2k, which is its stability.

If it's to be a format and clean install, I suggest that your dad starts the installation by inserting the CD and booting up the computer from the CD. Remove external peripherals such as printer and scanner first.

When the computer starts up, press Delete (or whatever key it is to press) to get into BIOS settings, and check the boot sequence. If the CDROM is bootable, and BIOS supports it, the CDROM should show up either in boot sequence or in the list of boot devices. Make the boot sequence (1) floppy (2) CDROM and (3) hard disk.

While in BIOS settings, also check the Power Options, and if ACPI is available, enable ACPI.

Save BIOS settings and exit. Computer will restart, and if the w2k is in the CD drive, usually you get a prompt asking you to press any key to boot from CD. Just press a key on the keyboard.

If your dad doesn't want to boot from CDROM, a simpler way is, while in the old OS, insert CD, select Install Windows 2000, then choose install a fresh or new copy, and follow the prompts. [This is the same method if he chooses the upgrade path.]

If he uses the CD boot method, after booting from CD, you will see a blue or black screen with text showing the w2k Setup screen.

There will be a prompt at the bottom to ask you to press F6 if you need to install SCSI or other hard disk controller drivers. Usually there is no need to do this.

Files will be loaded. Then you get to the proper Setup screen. Press Enter to go into w2k Setup.

Press F8 to accept agreement. Choose to install a fresh copy.

You will then be asked where to install w2k, and will be shown the partitions on the hard disks.

If your dad is happy with the size of the existing partition, just highlight the C partition, and press Enter to install w2k there.

If your dad wants to repartition the hard disk, he can highlight the C partition and press D to delete, confirm the deletion. That hard disk space will then become Unpartitioned Space. Highlight the unpartitioned space and press C to create a new partition. Enter the size of partition you desire in MB. W2k doesn't need more than 5GB (=5120MB), unless he has a lot of big programs to install. Press Enter to create partition. You can leave the remaining unpartitioned space alone at this stage.

Highlight the newly created (or old) C partition, and press Enter to install w2k. If the C partition is old, you will be warned about installing w2k there, just confirm that's what you want to do.

Then you will be given formatting options. If it's a clean install, select format with NTFS file system, and proceed. After formatting, files will be copied to the hard disk. After that, computer needs to restart. Let it do so, leave the CD in, but this time it needs to boot from hard disk, NOT CDROM, so if prompted, DO NOT boot from CD.

  temp003 04:35 21 Feb 2004

On restart, you will enter the graphical user interface (GUI). Just follow the prompts. If ever you get a prompt saying that it has detected non-signed drivers or software or something like that, do you want to proceed, say yes.

At some stage you will be given options to set Regional Options and keyboard layouts (IME). If your dad is only going to use English, you can skip these steps.

When given options about networking components, just use the default option.

You will be asked about how the computer is connected to other computers. Choose the default option, i.e. NOT on a domain, but only on a workgroup.

You will be asked to give the computer a name, usually the suggestion is the last name of the user plus a string of numbers. Just use the last name, and remove the string of numbers. Keep it simple.

You can keep the name of the workgroup as WORKGROUP as suggested.

During installation, an account just called Administrator will be created, and you will be asked to give it a password. This is important, so ask your dad to remember the password and write it down. He will need the password if later he needs to repair the OS.

After the final stage of installation (takes some time), computer needs to restart again. Remove CD this time, and restart.

It will begin to load w2k. Just before that, a wizard will appear asking you how you want to connect to the network or something. Click Next, and you will be asked how you want to log on to w2k.

If your dad is the only major user, choose the option which is something like "Assume computer is logged on to this account, without entering a password every time". With that option, a user account using the name of your father will be created (also an administrator account). If you like the name of the account, keep it, and enter a password. To keep it simple, use the same password which you entered earlier for the Administrator account.

After that, the w2k desktop will load, probably in VGA mode. Install graphics card, sound card and modem driver and so on. Go to Device Manager (Right click My Computer, Properties, Hardware tab, click Device Manager) to check for yellow exclamation marks. A problematic modem is usually described as a PCI Communications Device.

After installing the basic hardware components drivers, apply Blaster patch, or if necessary, Service Pack first.

w2k doesn't have msconfig as other Windows. click here and click the word "here" underneath the screenshot to download it, unzip it, and copy msconfig.exe to the C:\WINNT\system32 or system folder.

Or for a better manager of startup items, click here

  Kase 09:36 11 Mar 2004

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