Windows 2000 Home or Professional Edition

  whitelighter 08:32 15 May 2003


I am looking to upgrade my home pc running windows 98 to windows 2000.

Which do I choose - Home or Professional and what are the main differences.

Thanks for all help in advance.

  Sir Radfordin™ 08:41 15 May 2003

Why don't you upgrade to XP?

The main differences between XP Home and Pro are linked to security and networking. If you are just a single user of a PC or its a family PC then XP Home will be fine for your needs.

Don't listen to people who suggest that Pro is better or more stable. It simply is not true.

  HighTower 10:15 15 May 2003

I agree with Sir Radfordin™ on above. I use Windows 2000 pro because of the security and networking features in my office. I personally wouldn't upgrade from Windows 2000 to XP, not because I don't like XP but because Windows 2000 does everything I want it to. Having said that, as you are upgrading from 98 and have a choice between XP and 2000 it would probably make more sense to go for the newer XP as Sir Radfordin™ suggests.

I would add that the upgrade will possibly be the best thing that you will do with massive gains in stability. For me I've been 14 months operational with W2000 with not a single system crash. It's refreshing having an OS that simply works rather than the dreaded blue screen days of Windows 98. It's worth checking your hardware for compatibility before you do it though.

  VoG™ 10:30 15 May 2003

Anyway, there is no Windows 2000 "home" click here

  woody 10:38 15 May 2003

There are three OS you could look at.
First ask yourself why do you wish to upgrade?
That will answer part of your question.
It is very important to check your computer (hardware and software)will work with XP .It is more likely to work with W2K.
If you are only changing for the sake of change or to keep up to date then probably (if it works)XP home.I have w98/W2K pro/XP pro .I have just removed XP pro in favor of w98 on one machine but i prefer W2K pro (rock solid)out of the three.

  LastChip 10:54 15 May 2003

Win2K is a rock solid system, and is generally very underrated.

If you are going from '98, Win2K should be compatible with most (if not all of your system), but XP is a different matter. However, it would make sense to check for compatibility on the Microsoft site, for either of these systems.

A final observation. It appears there are many more people unable to "get on" with XP, than there are with Win2K. But that I guess, is down to the user! Certainly, there have been a number of individuals visiting here, that have reverted back to an older operating system.

Bare in mind, the "hype" is all about selling a new operating system, thereby generating revenue. Whether you need it or not, is another matter!

  whitelighter 09:39 20 May 2003

Thanks everyone for your help.

I have decided to go for windows 2000 professional instead of XP as I also think this is the more stable off software to use.

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