windows 2000

  rambus 20:13 14 Mar 2003

am considering upgrading to windows 2000 from win 98, anyone have any pro`s or con`s on doing this.

  recap 20:19 14 Mar 2003

rambus, W2K is a much better O/S than 98. We have 25 PC's at work running W2K and have found it to be stable, more security with NTFS. Not one of the systems has crashed in 2 years, now that has to be some sort of record with a Microsoft O/S?

  rambus 20:24 14 Mar 2003

thanks recap, thats very impressive info.

  SantasLittleHelper 20:25 14 Mar 2003

I tried W2K Pro, but for some reason my Broadband connection ran slower than my 56k line. I tried various settings but could not get any better speed. I had to dump it in the end and go back to Windows ME.

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