Windows 200 Installation

  Murielson 1 09:47 24 Sep 2005

Looking at installing Win 2000 on my home PC to upgrade from Win 98. On the initial check it has come up with a collection of drivers that I will require following the upgrade and I am concerned that some bits of hardware will not work post installation and I will finish up with dead computer.

I have original discs for most things but am concerned when it highlights my hard drive etc as something that I may need an updated driver for. If I get the drivers how will I install them post installation if Win 2000 does not have a driver for the hard drive?

And advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  AVIDA 10:36 24 Sep 2005

To the best of my recollection, you don't need a driver for normal hard drives. The other items you have drivers for, I seem to remember win 2000 asking you for the drivers when it requires them. Can be a bit finicky sometimes to install but I liked win 2000 very much. Good luck

  Diemmess 11:01 24 Sep 2005

If you are installing W2K on a freshly formatted HDD it will be a more relaxed affair than 98 was.

You will need the motherboard CD for any integrated parts you might have e.g. sound, video, or modem, just as you would anyway if these facilities are on separate cards..... For a "normal" HD you shouldn't need any drivers. Recognition of the HD is automatic.

If you are upgrading from 98 i.e. overwiting the 98 system there may be problems. I have no experience of doing this.

What you my have to download are W2000 drivers for peripheral things like your printer, scanner, and other devices.

  mgmcc 11:24 24 Sep 2005

Before installing Windows 2000, download and run Belarc Advisor from click here

This will give you details of all hardware & software in the PC so that you have the necessary information should you have to obtain drivers from a manufacturer's website. Print out its report.

  Cuddles 12:02 24 Sep 2005

You may find that if your hardware is very old it may not work under W2k, format your harddrive first and do a clean install, W2k is miles better than W98, and in my opinion better than XP (eXtra Problems)

  Murielson 1 12:15 24 Sep 2005

Thanks guys - all good stuff. I already have the Belarc info printed off and also the report that is produced by 2000 when it interrogates the system prior to upgrade. That is as far as I got before cancelling to investigate further.

The 2000 disc that I have is for an upgrade from a previous Wndows installation so a clean install is not an option.

I am happy that I can try and trace upgraded drivers for most (if not all) of my hardware but was concerned that I may not have had access to the hard drive.

Please keep it coming - any more advice would be gratefully accepted. Just waiting to get the confidence that I can upgrade with minimum probs and then will go for it.

  mgmcc 14:03 24 Sep 2005

<<< The 2000 disc that I have is for an upgrade from a previous Wndows installation so a clean install is not an option >>>

Not necessarily. You can clean install PROVIDED you have a FULL copy of the CD for the earlier qualifying version of Windows.

During the installation, Win 2000's Setup will check for an earlier version already installed. If it fails to find it, you will be prompted to insert the earlier (Windows 98) CD to confirm that you are entitled to install with an Upgrade copy. It will then clean install 2000.

The essential requirement is that the CD for the earlier version of Windows is a Full version, not an Upgrade copy and not a manufacturer's "Recovery" CD.

  Murielson 1 16:03 24 Sep 2005

Many thanks. I got the win 98 with the PC from Gateway. Labelled as Win 98 but marked for distribution with new PC only. For product support contact manufacturer of PC. Does this mean CD for win 98 is full version or not?

  dan11 16:24 24 Sep 2005

When you insert the cdrom into the computer, does it auto run and come up with this screen?
click here

If it does not auto run, right click the cdrom drive, in my computer and pick open. Does it show up like this?
click here

  Murielson 1 08:41 25 Sep 2005

First option Dan - autorun and first screen is present

  dan11 09:48 25 Sep 2005

Then you have the full retail version of windows 98se.:-)

Does this help? click here

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