Windows 10 Upgrade Hardware Compatibility

  olyman 15:18 13 Jun 2015

I have registered for the free W10 upgrade but the Reservation App says that W10 can't be installed because of the Radeon X1300 graphics card. There are no updated drivers available for this card. Presumably a more up to date card would be compatible. Radeon cards are available with drivers for Windows8.1 but they don't mention W10. Would a replacement card suitable for W8.1 solve my problem? I am considering a Radeon H5450 because of the low power requirement and compact form. The existing card only has 256 Mb of memory and needs upgrading even for my W7 to cope with graphics work. My Inspiron 531 doesn't have a large power supply.

  SparkyJack 16:40 13 Jun 2015

You could simply see what the 'onboard' graphics can do. Backward or legacy compatibility is not 'infinite and hardware has to 'keep up with new O/S. Rather than cause a hhostvof hardware/wallet problems it may be simpler to A stick with what you have B dump Windows and look at say Jinux Mint17 or Ubuntu

  Pine Man 16:49 13 Jun 2015

I shouldn't worry too much. As sparkyjack says the onboard graphics may well work and in any event your graphics card driver may well be updated prior to W10 being released.

I am assuming you have at least got W7 so stick with that as a worse case scenario. I don't really see any Linux type o/s being a serious substitute for W7.

  wee eddie 17:05 13 Jun 2015

I'm running an X1300 and it didn't say that it was unsuitable

  olyman 00:58 14 Jun 2015

When I ran the "check your PC" from the get Windows Icon. It said "Unfortunately Windows can't be run on this PC" and sited the Radeon XP1300/X1500 Series as the reason "You'll experience problems with your display". No doubt it won't download W10 when the time comes if that is still the reaction so I wont be able to try it to see if it works. wee eddie - have you tried the check from the notification icon. You need to click the bars in the top left corner of the window to display this option.

There is no possibility of an upgrade to the driver as Asus stopped support on this card sometime ago and only supply legacy drivers. I can get an H5450 card relatively cheaply and thought that would do the trick. I'm happy with W7 but support is now limited and W10 sounds like a good option. Also no doubt I'll be switching to W10 on my Lumia phone.

  olyman 16:10 13 Jul 2015

I'm still pondering. I have a feeling that my graphics card is on it's last legs, occasional Blue screen failures and slow graphic intensive operations (PS Elements and Memory Maps). I think I'm running the ATI Radeon card on Vista drivers as that is the last OS quoted for driver downloads and I converted from Vista to W7 some time back. If I run the MS W8.1 Upgrade Assistance for W7 the PC is shown as compatible including the Radeon 1300! Was I wrong in the assumptiont that W8.1 compatibility would be OK for W10?

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