Windows 10 free for a year

  bumpkin 10:23 03 Jun 2015

I have googled this but not really found any clarification. What exactly does it mean i.e. I can use it for a year and then have to buy it or does it mean that if I download it within the year I can continue to use it without any later payment.

  chub_tor 10:46 03 Jun 2015

If you have qualified for the free upgrade (ie you have a valid Windows 7 or Windows 8 installation) you will be offered the Windows 10 upgrade on July 29. You can install it any time within the next 12 months and use it indefinitely. If you wait longer than 12 months you will have to pay for it.

  chub_tor 10:50 03 Jun 2015

I have been trialling Windows 10 since it was released. It is a good compromise between 7 and 8 and is much faster than 7 to load. You can use the tiles if you want to or you can simply use the desktop but you have access to all the Windows Apps which personally I find extremely useful and fast.

  bumpkin 11:04 03 Jun 2015

Thanks for the explanations, I have Win 7 so look forward to trying W10.

  rdave13 14:37 03 Jun 2015

One thing to remember is that you'll need an image of 10 once installed. If, for any reason, the OS goes belly up after a year, and you have to reinstall the original OS again, then the upgrade to 10 will then cost.

  bumpkin 15:09 03 Jun 2015

I would do a backup as a matter of course but an interesting point that I was unaware of.

  Number six 23:28 03 Jun 2015

Anyone know if a "clean" installation will be possible? Always suspicipous of in-place OS upgrades.

  robin_x 23:40 03 Jun 2015

Yes. An iso is confirmed will be available and a system for sorting out as many clean installs as you want until your machine breathes its last

  mole1944 08:22 04 Jun 2015

Before you install W10 clone the drive it's going onto then i case of a serious "OMG NO" moment you'll be able to restore in minutes with a drive swap.I have no idea if once installed you can do a roll back on W10 installation.

  john bunyan 13:44 04 Jun 2015

I have Windows 7 Ultimate and 7 Home premium on different machines. I use Windows Media Centre to watch and record TV via TV tuner(s). I understand the standard W10 does not have WMC - I wonder if, in the case of Windows 7 Ultimate in particular one gets the "free" update to the version with WMC?

I am not sure if my motherboard / processor on my desktop is compatible. Could I clone my system and install it on a new Chillblast desktop, then upgrade, I wonder?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:50 04 Jun 2015

if ypu have retail version of windows you can install on any PC as long as it is removed from the old PC.

if its a pre installed with the machine then you cannot reinstall on another machine.

a clone of your windows 7 will not work on a new machine as the drivers for the motherboard etc. will be incorrect.

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