Window XP questions.

  Stowit 10:16 30 Apr 2004

Thanks to help from some knoledgeable folk my PC build is progressing slowly. However it looks like I may now be upgrading from ME to XP. Vendors on Ebay are selling original XP Cds, with codes, that were for supply with a new Dell PC. Can this be installed on my (non Dell) PC? Which version is best? Its for home use but there seems often to be little difference in cost between 'Home & Pro'. I have a Win 98 for PB & that's about useless, I don't want to buy a cheap White elephant. Anything else I should look for? I suspect I'd be as well getting it from PC world or the like, but it'd be expensive, & I doubt I'd get any better support. Advice appreciated. Thanks.

  Stuartli 10:21 30 Apr 2004

It's likely that the Dell XP CDs - if genuine - will be OEM versions and will not have Microsoft support.

People who bought/buy Dell (or Mesh, Evesham etc) systems with XP(OEM) installed have to go back to them for support and not Microsoft.

As Dell will not have supplied you with XP as part of a system it would appear that it would obviously not provide any support if you have problems.

  961 10:42 30 Apr 2004

The words "if genuine" are the key to all this.

I have to say that if you are building your own computer from purchased hardware it should be possible to buy, from the same source, your own oem copy of Windows xp. I think the home edition will do you fine. My guess is that you would pay around £60. No fuss, no problem, your own legit copy. Able to be used as you upgrade your computer as you go along.

Alternatively, if you have your own copy of Windows Me you can buy your own retail upgrade to Windows Xp for about £80. Again, your own and available to transfer to a new computer you own so long as you ditch the old computer or delete the operating system from it.

You can, of course , consult Microsoft in the uk about the various forms of licensing, to check if what you are seeking to buy is genuine and on what basis you would be able to operate, explaining that you are building a computer from scratch and are considering installing Windows xp (as opposed to Linux or other) and see what they suggest, bearing in mind that you are finding out what is legal as opposed to simply buying a new full retail windows pack which is obviously what they would like you to do

The old adage bears repeating....

"if it's too good to be true, then....

  Stowit 11:06 30 Apr 2004

Thanks, my next questions are: How likley am I to need support from MS? Previous Windows installs have never entailed me contacting them. Also if it is the OEM (I'm sure your right) can I still get upgrades/patches from MS? It's tempting as a lot cheaper than any of 961s' prices! I don't want a copy, & some people are selling 2nd hand 'originals', but they have may be the source of copies thus may be as bad. Some are sealed, & even come with hardware (piece of junk) to comply with MS rules, but are nice & cheap. The dealers I've dealt with have all been very good, I've assembled my PC from Ebay bits, so no software available from suppliers. I like the price, but if it causes more trouble than it's worth.........

  961 11:21 30 Apr 2004

Well, so far as support is concerned I agree you'll get all the downloads and patches and use of the web help with a genuine bit of Microsoft software, and I have only contacted them direct on a couple of occasions and they have not been "support" issues as such

I've had a look on the e-bay site and scrolling through the offers I see some where the certificate of authenticity which is meant to be stuck on the oem computer is not available, because, of course, it is on the computer it belongs to. I don't think I'd be into that. I can't say I'd buy a Dell oem disc either, because they are meant for Dell products which yours is clearly not

There are others however where the whole sealed packet of oem software with the keys and the certificate is advertised by a seller who seems to be well regarded. It seems to me that this is oem software of the sort I described in my first post that you can quite legitimately use on your new computer. One I saw was advertised at £69 and falls in the price range I described

It's true to say that Simply advertise such a product in their monthly price lists, and I think the price is about the same

  mrdsgs 11:25 30 Apr 2004

be wary of ebay etc.

an oem xp licence and cd may already have been activated using a different cd as the cd key number is visible without opening the wrapper

when you try to actiavte you may find that the cd key has already bben activated!!!!


  ZEROTOLERANCE 11:55 30 Apr 2004

when i bought my puter (from a small shop i grant) the win xp disc was just a blank with xp written on it, which i was about to also load to my laptop will i not be able to do this because ive used the code on my tower? also what does OEM stand for?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 12:07 30 Apr 2004

and have i been ripped for the xp?

stupid question the more i think about it!

  ventanas 12:26 30 Apr 2004

Question one. No you cannot load it on your laptop.

Question 2 OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Question 3. Yes you have been ripped.

  Stowit 12:43 30 Apr 2004

Now I'm more confused! What I suppose I'm asking now is if I buy the Dell OEM without the full certificate, will it work? Where do they come from? I don't fancy anything nicked, but for the saving, someones lost out. Pirating's unfair, but if it's genuine who's lost out? - Me if they won't offer support, but it sounds like they won't certificate or not. Besides, I haven't needed it yet. Somethings wrong with these cheap 'copies' surely?
What does having no certificate do to me?

  961 12:44 30 Apr 2004

It all depends....

has your computer got the certificate of authenticity for windows xp with a serial number stuck to the case?

in certain cases I think you can load your copy onto your laptop also so long as both units are used by you

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