Window xp and 2000 registry problems`

  chrisinireland 23:01 11 Jan 2004

right i have a very big problem
i got my pc upgraded about 2 weeks ago, every thing goes fine until i start to install things and uninstall, i think every thing is great then the next morning i go into my pc and i boot it up,
all of a sudden it loads to the windows xp or 2000 startup and a blue screen comes up and says system registry corrupt or sumthing and says other things, the only way around this is to format my drive and reinstall windows, this has happened about 15 times about every 2 days when i get the system installed, i really need help guick bcasue im gettin tired for reinstalling the windows over and over again.

and if u are wondering i have tried windows xp pro and windows 2000 and they both do the same thing, its doing me nut in for shure,

  MichelleC 09:51 12 Jan 2004

What were the upgrades and which partitions are the os's on?

  chrisinireland 16:06 12 Jan 2004

the upgrades were
3.2ghz amd processor
1gb of ddr pci 3200 ram
GeForce FX 5900 XT Ultra
Nforce 2 motherboard

i have 2 hard-drives a 80 partitioned into 2
and a full 120gb.

i have never had the two operating systems in at the same time if thats what u were thinking just 1 at the time.

n w help would be greatful

  MichelleC 16:30 12 Jan 2004

Have you tried installing an os on other hd?

  chrisinireland 17:29 12 Jan 2004

a no i havent but i have the other drives full of work i need so i really cant

  Jester2K 17:35 12 Jan 2004

When you did the upgrade did you format and reinstall Windows?

If NOT, then i think this is the root of your problem. Old data and settings might be interfering with the normal operation of Windows.

Also did you install the Motherboard drivers?

Probably best to backup format and reinstall Windows.

  chrisinireland 17:38 12 Jan 2004

yes ever time this happened i have formatted and then installed my os, i have always installed my motherboarded drivers first and then graphics card and then my sound card in that order,
still i dont no what it could be

  Jester2K 17:42 12 Jan 2004

Sorry - missed the line "the only way around this is to format my drive and reinstall windows"

  chrisinireland 17:45 12 Jan 2004

there isnt no problem yet every thin seems to be fine but it happened just out of the blue, i have reformatted my drives abput 15 times already and i heard thats not good for them, im lookin to no is there n e way i can stop the registry from gettin corrupt however its happening

  The Idle one 17:55 12 Jan 2004

Just a thought - is your ddr ram in 2 x 512 bits or a single 1gb set.
If in 1 bits they may not work together [even if same maker]
this problem occurred on one of my machine

  chrisinireland 17:57 12 Jan 2004

yea there 2 bits of pci 3200 512 each there isnt n e problem with them
thanks n e way

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