Window Will Nor Stay Maximised

  Legslip 22:34 01 Nov 2010

My pal has a laptop (Vista) that I have set up a Gmail account for him. Have put a shortcut on his desktop. When you open Gmail in Int. Explorer, it comes up every time in a narrow minimised window. I drag it to full screen and after use close it. Next and every time after it still opens in the narrow (horizontal) window. Any solutions?

  [email protected] 00:37 02 Nov 2010

My windows just open at whatever size I last used them, but I've read elsewhere that if you hold the 'ctrl' key while clicking close, it will force Windows to remember the size and position. Worth a try.

  Simsy 07:39 02 Nov 2010

opening Internet Explorer from it's own icon, (That's to say NOT using the shortcut you've created)... Then set the window size that's opened, and then close it...

Then try the shortcut you've created.

I suspect what's happening is that the IE "normal" window size is determined by a setting for Internet Explorer.... not a seting for the shortcut.

Good luck,



  Confab 12:34 02 Nov 2010

When you’re on this page click on the link from at-the-door (I know its spam) but can you tell me if the new window that opens is the correct size or is it narrow?

  catpwss 18:24 02 Nov 2010

press F12 key then tools and select the size page ypu req,Ok and close then reopen IE8 or what ever your using.
good luck.

  VCR97 19:17 02 Nov 2010

Drag the thing to full screen. Press and hold SHIFT whilst clicking X at the top RH corner.

  MAT ALAN 19:19 02 Nov 2010

It depends how you close it, if you just use the X in top right it will always reopen the same as before.
To close after dragging it to full screen size you must use FILE>EXIT...

  johnnyrocker 20:56 02 Nov 2010

another method which has been useful in the past is to drag to fit then close with ALT F4 which may be worth considering?


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