Window Washer risks

  jay k 22:34 25 May 2006

What risks are there to files one wants to keep when using Window Washer? How does it know what to clear or bleach, and what not to?

I want to use it to fully clear cookies and auto-complete fields, and bleach any remnants of - ahem - personal photos I've removed from my laptop, as I'm off travelling abroad with it soon. But I don't want to lose all my programs and work files. Thanks.

  kinger 22:43 25 May 2006
  jay k 22:48 25 May 2006

Thanks for the recommendation, but is there a risk to the information you want to keep, such as "active" software and associated files? Does one have to do a back-up or is there no risk at all?

  kinger 23:01 25 May 2006

The program will back up before you alter anything if you set it so.

However, it's very powerful and, once it has 'bleached' your data you'll not get it back ... nor can the police.

Back up only files you're worried about.

Set a system restore point beforehand too.

If things don't go well after running the software, simply restore the previous registry.

You are clearly warned about certain files before deletion anyway.

  jay k 23:43 25 May 2006

Great - thank you.

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