Window update problem

  Proxy Worm 12:17 14 Apr 2004

I was happly downloading the updates when soemone pulled the internet cable out of the socket for no reason and thewindows update stopped, i restarted and then triend again, it went through alll the process and right at the end it said

The following items failed to install. To try installing them again, click Review and install updates, and then click Install Now again.

What can i do now?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Sethhaniel 12:19 14 Apr 2004

and remove - or roll back before update and try again

  GazMaz 12:36 14 Apr 2004

I had the same problem except ZoneAlarm interupted the process due to it's own update!
I went to the Microsoft website in fact to the following link
click here;en-gb;newsgroups

and it maybe that the update is causing a problem as when I now try to get onto the update site explorer freezes, anyone else having the same issue!

  Shas 12:48 14 Apr 2004

"when I now try to get onto the update site explorer freezes, anyone else having the same issue!" .....

yes me, I had to 'end task' several times and then ended up rebooting completely. When I eventually connected to Windows Update it told me there were no updates available, even though the Microsoft news bulletin said 98SE was affected.

  Miss Happy 12:49 14 Apr 2004

I have the same problem. Over the past few weeks the update will freezes my PC. That's why I am here to find out if anyone else has same. It seems to be a problem with the MS update site, I have to stop the task scheduler if I want to do anything online without visiting the MS update page. It locks everything on the PC after or during it's search for ones for my system. Can someone let MS know, or do they already? I know there are 2x critical ones waiting for my PC.

  ventanas 12:49 14 Apr 2004

Yes. Well nearly. Going like the proverbial snail. Must be due to traffic. So far been ten minutes, and two restarts, downloading 300k, and that's with broadband. Going to go out and leave it.

  GazMaz 12:55 14 Apr 2004

I'm running a complete scan and have rebooted 3 times since update failed, I'm running Win2000 on NTL 150K line everything OK except the update site!

  iscanut 13:08 14 Apr 2004

I had problems last night. Was told there were two critical updates. When choosing to review and download, advised that 2 files of 2.3 Mb were available, but window completely blank where infoo re fikles usually shown. I chose not to download unless I could see what I was downloading. Anyone else get this problem ?

  GazMaz 13:17 14 Apr 2004

Yep had this issue from the auto Windows update so started the process myself by going to the Windows update site, could see the files downloading, there were several downloads but it seem to fail on the final one, cannot remember the update number stupidly!

  Boluwd 13:23 14 Apr 2004

Yup, same here, I am in the process od downloading 5 criticals of 3.1MB.... it's gone as far as 1.9MB and that's it! Took forever to get to the download stage as well.

I've also updated Zone Alarm but I don't think that has 'owt to do with it.

  ventanas 13:52 14 Apr 2004

Finally got there. Took over an hour to download. Tried it just now with another machine and got "Server too busy" so now we know. I've got thirty to do so I'm going to leave it for a few days.

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