Window opening size

  Ghloria 03:10 03 Feb 2003

Windows98...My windows have just started to open with just the top tool bars showing...I have searched for how to adjust them but cant find it.. Will someone please enlighten me..


  powerless 03:15 03 Feb 2003

I think i know what you mean.

I used to simply resize the window to the size you want, I'm guessing maximised.

So right click the icon of the window in the taskbar at the bottom and right click and select Maximise.

Then "X" it then reopen another window.

It should go back to normal.

  Ghloria 03:22 03 Feb 2003

I know what you mean but I want to open them bigger by defualt as the way they open now you must read the address bar to see which window you are in.

  powerless 03:31 03 Feb 2003

What i typed will make them open by default...maybe restarting?

It happend to me so i'm telling you what i did by my experience. It worked though...

When the window is bigger also click on the Restore Down/Maximise button in the top right. The middle one that is...

Then "X" the window, then reopen...

  Ghloria 03:41 03 Feb 2003

I previously used windows 3 and what you say worked on that but it doesnt work for me now on windows98 5.5 sp2

  jazzypop 10:37 03 Feb 2003

Try this -

Open Internt Explorer as usual

Right-click a link and open it in a new window

Close the original window

Move the new window's upper-left corner so it's flush with the upper-left of the screen.

Drag the bottom-right corner to the bottom-right of the screen (or to the taskbar).

You've pretty much maximized it. Don't actually click maximize.

Close it.

(Adapted from click here )

  Ghloria 11:22 03 Feb 2003

OK. Now how do I get secondary windows to open as I wish.

  JoeC 12:31 03 Feb 2003

Right click the icon of IE ( or OE for that matter ) in the taskbar, select properties, and make sure that maximised is selected in the Run box. If not what you want, my apologies. : }

  Ghloria 13:09 03 Feb 2003

No apologies needed. Similar to what you said but I want to define the window size and position.

  mackaycc 11:38 05 Feb 2003

To define a particular size for a window to open, drag it to the desired size, hold down ctrl and close the window. All subsequent windows will now open at that size.

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