window moves like waves

  spiritfriend 22:26 19 Sep 2005

The problem i have is that when i move my cursor to scroll the page down it does not run smoothly but moves in a wave like fashion i am running xp pro.its causing me to have sore eyes and headaches any help would be great.
Many thanks in advance folks

best regards

  Mr Scone 22:55 19 Sep 2005

Could try...

...updating your graphics driver

...increasing your refresh rate (right click on desktop; properties; settings; advanced; monitor; screen refresh rate)

...try removing any power supplies or speakers from near the monitor.

Hope this will help


  DieSse 23:00 19 Sep 2005

If it's what I think you mean, it's probably the graphics card driver - and on some motherboards also the motherboard AGP driver.

If you have an elderly system with a slow processor and/or low spec grahics card, it could be down to this also.

Basically it's all caused by slowness in updating the screen (not refresh rate slowness - just the dat not getting there fast enough).

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