Window Media Player 10

  Harry 14:16 20 Sep 2004

How can I get the Radio icon on my player?

  scooby43 14:30 20 Sep 2004

I thought windows media player 10 is only a beta release for technical.

  Noleg24 14:48 20 Sep 2004

no its not a beta release...the official release is on the Microsoft website...I am not sure about getting Radio as I havent tried this yet but there should be a button if you go the Library section and it should say Radio presets or something like that...if not just do a Contents search in the Help section..

  scooby43 14:56 20 Sep 2004

ah sorry

  Stuartli 15:32 20 Sep 2004

Why not let's get it right...:-)

Windows Media Player 10 is an official release - it was not expected until towards the end of this year, but came out soon after SP2.

The Internet radio section can be found from the Guide tab; once it has opened click on Radio at the top of the screen.

You can configure WMP10 to pick up stations from different countries, internationally or individually as required.

  no-name 15:33 20 Sep 2004

Stuartli is it only for XP?

  bretsky 15:49 20 Sep 2004

I don't know whether you mean this click here (top of page)

bretsky ;0)

  Stuartli 15:59 20 Sep 2004

WMP10 is for XP. Download it at:

click here

This is the download page for WMP9 for XP and other versions:

click here

  Harry 23:33 20 Sep 2004

Looks like no more radio as it used to be then.
Thanks all.

  Harry 23:43 20 Sep 2004

Although you need to go through "web page" in the MP10, it seems to play a lot better. I am on dial up connection and the sound hasnt broken once so far.

  Stuartli 09:29 21 Sep 2004

There are just as many radio stations available in WMP10 - go via International Media Guides from the Guide tab>Radio link; the Site Index also lists hundreds of music, video, entertainment and games links.

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