window goes very pale; reason? solution?

  palinka 18:24 04 May 2011

On several occasions recently I’ve had the window turn very pale (like a thick fog) and it freezes. 3 options offered are wait; close; etc (can’t remember the other.) Suspect it is related to memory, but maybe it's something different. Any advice, please. Windows Vista & Windows Mail

  mooly 19:03 04 May 2011

Does it recover if you wait ? Is it just on one particular application that this happens ? How much memory have you ?

There could be many reasons for this...

Have you run a disk cleanup and browsing history cleanup,

If you look in "control panel" and select "classic view" at the left hand side, have a look at "problems and solutions" to see what error have occured.

Can you use task manager or Vistas resource moniter to see if any programs or processes are running and hogging the CPU causing slugish behaviour.

  Woolwell 19:14 04 May 2011

I get this from time to time. Don't think that it is memory related. Is it a specific program or random? I haven't completely resolved it but suspect add-ons.

  chub_tor 19:17 04 May 2011

Pale windows are usually associated with a (Not Responding)notice in the header bar. If this is ocurring in Windows Mail it may just be that you are trying to read an email before it has fully loaded. I get this sometimes with LiveMail. If it is happening with other windows then mooly's advice is a good guide to finding out why the programme has stopped responding.

  palinka 19:40 04 May 2011

thanks , folks. Yes it is usually associated with a "Not Responding" - so possibly I'm hustling it a bit; but I don't think i've suddenly become more impatient than I used to be! I'll try to note more exactly when it happens.I don't think it's associated with a particular program.
Sometimes I wait & yes, it has then cleared eventually; but usually I close. Mooly, I know memory is a bit low; I reckon to keep things cleaned up but I'll run disk cleanup again & see how things are after that. Rather busy over next 48 hrs or so, but I'll report back at the weekend.

  Daya 08:06 11 May 2011

I am facing a similar problem, Palinka, and will be interested in your solution. ZDK

  woodchip 12:10 11 May 2011

It looks like its trying to shut down as that happens on some PC's when shutting down Windows

  palinka 14:08 11 May 2011

thanks woodchip and 124. I've been too busy the last few days to do anything about it; and by chance in the lastweek it has not happened as frequently as it did before. I'll investigate the info in your link, 124

  palinka 11:00 13 May 2011

When you want things to go wrong they don't! I've had this problem only once since I started the post. Checked in Problems & solutions via control panel and that said there were no problems; but it also said my MS Office 2000 was no longer supported and that I should upgrade - which I won't do, on account of cost (later this year, when I've finished some current work using MS Publisher, I may switch to Open Office). But I don't really think the problem is caused by Office; it would occur more frequently if that was the cause. Still monitoring.

  palinka 14:17 30 May 2011

The problem recurred yesterday - was doing a copy/paste from one MS Word doc to another and the copy I was pasting to froze/went pale & nothing would work except minimise. After several hours I gave up trying to paste & closed down.

  Daya 21:51 31 May 2011

My problem solved from suggestion by Sudeep A.I in another forum "" which addresses "Error 1606%APPDATA%" in Vista as follows: 1. Enter regedit in start search 2. Select folder, HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18 \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders 3. Right click on Appdata (in value list) on right pane 4. Select Modify 5. Check the data value for APPData value & it should be, %USERPROFILE%\ApplicationData 6. If value is different or missing, just type as mentioned in step5. 7. Next check for below also & do the above steps if value is wrong for APPData as mentiond in step5. HKEYCURRENTUSER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

I hope, this will solve your problem.

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