window 8 on an acer laptop v3-531

  wizzboy 08:17 30 Oct 2012

last night i did a clean install and put window 8 on it, and it just crashed with this code 0xc 0000001, looked up on the window site for what it ment, so let me sate my case, i have a compa q tower and in stalled window 8 on top of 7 and it was ok, and a acer v3-531 laptop on which i did a compleat install and wiped off 7, my point is this clean install wont work, i did go to the acer web site and up dated the bios, and download all the new drivers for it, but has of yet had not put them on, so i think that in the next few months people will be on this site with the same questions 8 wont work on a clean install. for wizzboy

  onthelimit1 08:51 30 Oct 2012

I thought the cheap downloads were for update only and therefore won't work as a fresh install. I believe you have to buy the full, and expensive version to do that. You could always put 7 back on then upgrade over it?

  wizzboy 09:00 30 Oct 2012

i do have the top windows 8 disk, just been looking on the few web sites this morning and every one has the same trouble with this code 0xc 0000001 on window 8, i do some how think its to do with hardware on the laptop, so what i,m going to do now is try and install 8 on top of 7 ,will let you all know how i get on later, wizzboy

  morddwyd 09:42 30 Oct 2012

I have tried the pre release versions of Win 8 on two Acer laptops, an Aspire 5745 PG and a dual screen Iconia.

Won't install on the Aspire (compatibility message) and makes the second screen inoperable on the Iconia.

Either MS or Acer haven't got it right yet.

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