window 7 install problem

  Skydiver57 12:18 13 Mar 2010

I am trying to load (upgrade) windows 7. When it checks compatability I get the message; 'unable to determine if bitlock drive encrytion is in use'. My system runs vista premium 64 bit with 4gb mem. Any help will be appreciated.

  birdface 13:19 13 Mar 2010

Not sure,
Is it a 64 bit or 32 bit you are trying to install.
Just wondering if you are using a 64 bit on Vista maybe you have to use the same with Windows7.

  Skydiver57 13:34 13 Mar 2010

I've got 64 bit vista and am trying to load the 64 bit version.

  AlanHo 14:09 13 Mar 2010

To upgrade from Vista 64 bit to Windows 7 64 bit.

If you are upgrading to Windows 7 Home Premium - you have to do a clean install, not an upgrade. You will find instructions via Google on how to use an upgrade disk to do a clean installation

If you are upgrading to Windows 7 professional or ultimate - the upgrade should work Ok.

  Zeppelyn 14:34 13 Mar 2010

You can upgrade Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate. Bit locker is only available on ultimate. Which Win7 version are you trying to upgrade to? By the way a clean install is always a much better option.

  Skydiver57 14:34 13 Mar 2010

Thanks all

  Skydiver57 14:36 13 Mar 2010

I'm trying to upgrade to windows 7 home premium Zeppelyn

  Zeppelyn 15:44 13 Mar 2010

Bitlocker is not relevant in that case. Try starting the install from within Vista and select the upgrade option.

  AlanHo 22:06 13 Mar 2010

I originally tried to update to Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium from within Vista 64 bit. The installation completed - I thought OK - but the new installation could not be activated with Microsoft.

After further abortive attempts I contacted MS and was advised that it is not possible to upgrade with the Home Premium version - only with professional and ultimate.

I eventually found a way via Google of using the upgrade disk to do a clean installation - which activated OK.

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