Window 7 account deleted - files lost.

  TimChase 14:20 24 Jun 2014

Hi I was having some issues with my user account on windows 7. I created a new account and when I deleted the old account, I selected the option to save the files from the old account in a folder on my desktop of the new account.

It created the folders, but alas, they are empty. Not happy, as many photos & videos on there of my daughter.

Is there any way to recover them? Recuva and system restore unsuccessful so far.

Many thanks


  hiwatt 14:33 24 Jun 2014

The only thing I could think of would be to try a system restore but if the account really has been deleted there's a good chance all the files will be gone too.

  hiwatt 14:35 24 Jun 2014

Not that's it any help but it's always best to have any important files backed up to an external drive or usb drive.

  Jollyjohn 15:54 24 Jun 2014

Before you try System Restore, try this. Start Type *.jpg in the Search box. If the files are not listed click on "See more results" Then click on Computer underneath "Search again in"

This will find ALL the jpg files on your computer. It may take a while to complete. Once completed scroll through and look for your missing files.

You can repeat these steps for *.doc - documents

  TimChase 16:32 24 Jun 2014

Well - a success story of sorts. Thanks to Jollyjohn. I tried the search method and it found the missing files! They were in the folder on my desktop that Windows created when I deleted the account.

I swear they were not there earlier. Even like 20 minutes afterwards. The only theory is it takes some time for the process to run. I assumed it would just be a case of changing the path for each file and it would be quick.

Off to do some backing up! Thanks all for your suggestions.


  iscanut 17:17 24 Jun 2014

If you had a great number of hi res .jpeg files, it could take well over 20 mins for system to copy them.

  TimChase 13:44 25 Jun 2014

I have since found out system created a folder on desktop canned "user1". There are still no files in it. However, there is also an folder called "user1" in C:\Users. This does have my copied files in! Confusing, but at least they are there.

Thanks Tim.

  Jollyjohn 11:06 26 Jun 2014

Did you use the same username for the new account? I suspect you did and that has confused the system. At least you have found the files.

I personally don't use backups of Windows, I simply copy important stuff to an external hard drive. A backup needs to be accessed on the computer it was created on whereas an external hard drive can be accessed on any PC.

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