Windolene to fix a damaged DVD?

  pj123 15:31 31 Jul 2005

I recorded a 40 minute program off the TV on to DVD. On playback it gets almost to the end and stops. I tried to do a copy using DVD shrink, DVD X copy and Nero copydisk. It gets to about 87 percent and I get an error. Can't read source disk.

My friend (a shopkeeper) has just told me that his contacts in the secondhand market always use windolene to clean unplayable CDs/DVDs.

Is that a feasible option. I always thought windolene was an abrasive?

  jakimo 15:38 31 Jul 2005

Brasso and toothpaste are also commonly used with some success

  Forum Editor 15:54 31 Jul 2005

the spray-on Windolene, the type that is a clear liquid. It contains a degreaser, and will remove grime from DVDs and CDs.

You may simply have used a faulty DVD blank - it happens.

  pj123 16:34 31 Jul 2005

Thanks both. I will give the windolene spray a go.

Yes, FE it could have been a duff DVD disk. But unfortunately as it was recorded "off air" who knows when it will be repeated?

I will tick is as resolved and hope it comes round again. (The TV programme that is, not the problem).

  €dstowe 16:36 31 Jul 2005

If you do attepmt any cleaning/repair, remember that DVDs and CDs read from the centre to the periphery so if there is any physical fault towards the end of play, the edge of the disk is the place to look for it.

I'm surprised that your writer allowed the disk to be burned. Many writers do a preliminary check.

As FE says, though, it may be a faulty disk. I've burned many hundreds of DVDs and had two faulty ones. The fault in each case was different but obvious on examination.

  DieSse 18:35 31 Jul 2005

When you clean CDs or DVDs, do not rub them with a circular motion - rub across the disk. Any scratches that are made are likely to be more easily dealt with by te error correction, as they will shorter.

  Chegs ® 21:32 31 Jul 2005

I have used T-Cut to remove scratches from unreadable discs,I had ten DVD-RW discs that slowly developed more troubles with read/write operations.A few hours of polishing the discs enabled me to recover the data from them and burn to new discs,and some are still usable afterwards.I opted to try this solution as a "kill or cure" The discs were already unreadable,all I would ultimately have done is waste a few drops of T-Cut.

  woodchip 21:38 31 Jul 2005

Damage that cannot be repaired is the back side of the disc the metal get's damaged like a scratch and you cannot do anything with it

  smokingbeagle 22:40 31 Jul 2005
  pj123 09:50 01 Aug 2005

Windolene seems to have sorted it up to a point.

It now plays all the way through except for a couple of stops where the picture freezes for maybe 1 or 2 seconds and then continues.

  Arnie 10:44 01 Aug 2005

bad handling.

I have seen many CDs being sold at car boot sales that I would have confined to the dustbin.

Also, just as with vinyl recordings, one should not touch the recorded area. This picks up grease and grime which may cause the laser reader to misread the data on the CD.
Finally, they should not be subjected to excessive heat.

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