Windoes error in My Music

  dads3a 14:52 04 Apr 2005

Hi, every time I try to open the My Music folder I get a Windows Error saying it has to close. The files included in the error report always start,
C:\DOCUME~1\Dave\LOCALS1|Temp\etc etc. I cant find the files to have a look at what there for. I'm virus and spyware clean. Many Thanks

  pauldonovan 14:55 04 Apr 2005 response in ConsumerWatch where you originally posted!

Basically i'm saying check out the other recent thread on here about how to redirect the local folders. If you changed the location of your My Music to a different folder it might help.

Either that or try and find it in explorer, the might be an odd file or something in there that explorer is struggling with.

  GroupFC 14:59 04 Apr 2005

When you search for the folders have you made sure that you have a check mark in "show hidden files and folders"? Presumably you are looking using the search facility and have you selected advanced options and thus searching system folders,hidden files snd folders and subfolders?

  GroupFC 15:03 04 Apr 2005

Another thought - you could try disk cleanup (start>all programs>accessories>system tools>disk cleanup), to see if that clears the problem.

  dads3a 18:17 04 Apr 2005

Done all the checking, media player is doing the same. If I'm fast enough I can get the files open with nero or power dvd

  pauldonovan 10:33 05 Apr 2005

So you've changed the location of your My Music using the assistance on the other thread I mentioned?

I didnt' realise it was via media player. What happens if you just do an explore to that folder without going via media player?

If that works ok, and you can load the files from in there ok, then it is media player and i'd reinstall/upgrade.

  dads3a 16:31 05 Apr 2005

I've moved the files and set them to open with nero instead. I can now get into the folder but as soon as I try to do anything the explorer error comes up. I can still work away if I ignore but I suppose thats not the point.

  pauldonovan 17:15 05 Apr 2005

...that explorer can't handle. Have you tried searching microsoft support/google for the error message you get?

  pauldonovan 17:16 05 Apr 2005

..copying all the files out to another directory somewhere. Then in chunks, copying them back in, each time seeing when you get the problem and by elimination you'll figure out which file?

If you don't get the problem with an empty folder, and say the first 10 files in there then you know its related to ther other 9,999 or however many files you then copy in, so you can do them in chunks. Bit of a hassle but should solve it.

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