WinDirStat Advice.

  birdface 18:19 29 Nov 2010

Never tried this program before but my son was having problems with a full Or almost full 50Gb hard drive on XP.
So decided to give it a try.
I found a folder using just over 37Gb and it was old Videos and films that he had downloaded over the years.
It came under My videos and the folder was from Real.
I presume it was Real player.
Now will deleting the folder actually remove them all from the hard drive and give him his 37 Gb back.
Or will deleting the folder with them all on it make no difference.
He has some university work on the computer so I don't want to mess it up.
Any advice welcome

  birdface 18:48 29 Nov 2010

Sorry should have posted the program Name.

click here
Noticed it on another thread and as my son uses XP thought it would be worth a try.
If anyone else knows any other Files or folders that I can safely delete using above program it would be helpful.
It is all a bit new to me.

  lotvic 22:21 29 Nov 2010

well it all looks very pretty, but made me go cross-eyed looking at it ;-)

Can't you just delete the folder and movies the ordinary way in Windows Explorer?

  robin_x 22:31 29 Nov 2010

Delete at least a few movies to give working space. Buy him an external HDD for Christmas?

Useful/essential for backups, especially if containing his coursework.

click here

  birdface 23:16 29 Nov 2010

I can delete them from that program mentioned.
How would I delete them from Windows explorer Would they come under Videos or Real Player.
basically all I really want to know is if I deleted them all from the real player folder would that give him the 37 Gb free on his computer again.
I must admit I have never used that program before but it does tell you what is filling up the C Drive.

I have a spare External drive with practically nothing on it so I will give him that.
It is actually a new computer he needs.
Got him a new monitor last week so might get him a cheap Tower from E-bay after the new year.

  lotvic 23:31 29 Nov 2010

If they are taking up 37Gb and the drive is only a 50Gb I wouldn't have thought they would take much finding.
You said "It came under My videos and the folder was from Real"

Have a look in 'My Documents' for a folder called 'My Videos' - I've got one on my pc running XP

  birdface 23:49 29 Nov 2010

Ok will have a look there when I go to see him tomorrow.
If I can't find it I will delete it using the other program.
Whats the best way delete the folder with all the Videos in it.Or delete each video or film individually then remove the empty folder.
As you can see I have never downloaded any films or music that is why I was unsure about the best way to remove them. Thanks for the info.

  lotvic 00:05 30 Nov 2010

Movies are just files like any other in My Docs.
37Gb will be too big for the recycle bin so will probably pop up a message to say they will be deleted straight away (or some such message) and it will take some time I would think for the deletion to complete.

You could experiment by just deleting 2 or 3 movies to see how it goes.

  lotvic 00:07 30 Nov 2010

Oh and check the Recycle bin is empty, before and afterwards.

  birdface 00:21 30 Nov 2010

Ok thanks will give it a go and hope for the best.

  birdface 15:35 30 Nov 2010

Spot on as usual.
Found it in My documents under My videos and real player.
Started doing what you said and removed about 10 at a time then deleted them from the recycle bin.
But it would have taken a long time that way.
Tried to delete the folder and it came up as to large for recycle bin.
Then another box popped up do you want to delete folder anyway.
I clicked yes to all and it removed it all.
Removed quite a few others using that other program and disc now says about 80% free.
So thanks for all of your help.
His computer is still running a bit slow but maybe after running a defrag and chkdsk it may speed up a bit.
As always your help was appreciated. Thanks.

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