wind defender new build 1.1.1593

  sunny staines 07:59 10 Nov 2006

need to delete older version 1.1.1592 via control panel before install.

click here

  Graham. 08:03 10 Nov 2006

Now 1.1 1593

  Graham. 08:05 10 Nov 2006

Sorry, still asleep. Mine's now 1.14.1826.9.

  sunny staines 08:19 10 Nov 2006

I know the feeling I,m on heavy medication, doing that sort of thing all the time.

  Mike D 08:20 10 Nov 2006

Mine's updated without a reinstall.


  Graham. 08:22 10 Nov 2006

Not a good start. I uninstalled the old version and installed the new from click here

It now says it is 1.14.1828.5!

  Graham. 08:23 10 Nov 2006

Can you check your new version, please?

  sunny staines 08:29 10 Nov 2006

just checked my version number got the same, i used the version numbers from file hippo web. must be the upto date one as it comes from ms. just the published ver numbers on the web are wrong i guess. major geeks showing same ver numbers.

  Graham. 08:42 10 Nov 2006

Going off-line, have to take 8 cats to Derby.

  RobCharles1981 09:58 10 Nov 2006

Whats different in this update??

  Coff 10:22 10 Nov 2006

About the version number, you get the Windows Defender version number in Help, About Windows Defender. The version number you've mentioned above is the Definition version.

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