winamp 5 sound problem

  carlos 11:41 30 Jan 2004

Just downloaded the latest Winamp, but altho it plays my MP3s I can't get any sound! Got Win XP. I can play them/hear them using other players( Windows media player, ATI player, for example). I had no problem with the previous version. I have deleted and redownloaded Winamp.....same problem.Must be a button somewhere......?
NB. This is on my home PC. Just wanted to see what would happen on my work one( also XP). Main diff is that I actually read the recommended d'load instructions from Winamp this time!( works fine) At home I d'loaded the exe file and loaded from desktop. Winamp recommend running from site. Would this cause my problem?
Any ideas would be appreciated.

  carlos 20:44 30 Jan 2004

At work..worked well! Just did same at home.....still no sound. Be grateful for any ideas. Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 20:48 30 Jan 2004

Will it play CDs?

  carlos 21:27 30 Jan 2004

nothing. Thanks for input. been with winamp from beginning. OK 'til now

  Diodorus Siculus 21:39 30 Jan 2004

Can you uninstall all versions of WinAmp, run a regcleaner, and install the latest one again? It might work.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:43 30 Jan 2004

Do u have the same sound card at home as u have at work? it may be a driver issue,i been useing winamp 5 for a couple of months and it been spot on can watch music videos listen to radio ,worth sticking with it.Have you associated winamp with all your music files or just mp3? i just have mine for those and wave the others i let wmp9 run.


  carlos 14:24 01 Feb 2004

Went thro and did as result. I have fixed it now, but not quite sure what it all means. Anyone, please explain what's happened:Got a Gamesurround Muse PCI sound card( shows as such in hardware devices under system icon) and 5.1 speakers. If I open sound/audio devices icon in control panel ( XP), under the audio tab there is "C-media wave device" under audio playback. If I open the options, preferences in Winamp and open "output" under "plug ins", there are three options in Rpanel: Nullsoft, Direct sound and waveout.I have direct sound highlighted. If I open "configure", "device", the box had " primary sound driver" entered. When I pulled down this box to see if there were any options....lo and behold, another device "C - media wave device" is there. As soon as I selected this instead ( and also allowed for hardware acceleration -what does this mean??)the sound is not even as it was but, somehow much better( or is that just me lol?????). Any info would be most avidly read and absorbed. I wonder if Flecc would have any advice, given his expertise in the sound field???

  carlos 20:07 03 Feb 2004

would be very interested in comments/advice/explanations on my solution

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