The Sheep 16:10 18 Nov 2005

Hi all. Can anoyone tell me if WinAmp supports surround sound?

I downloaded MusicMatch last week to onlt to find it only plays in stereo :(


  ACOLYTE 16:14 18 Nov 2005

From winamp FAQ:

Does Winamp support Surround Sound in 4.1 or 5.1 outputs?
5.1 Surround is supported through analog playback only. Currently DTS/AC3 Digital SPDIF out is only 2 channel (We're planning on supporting it in the future).

  The Sheep 17:49 18 Nov 2005

I assume that MP3 playback is digital?

  Skyver 17:52 18 Nov 2005

From version 5.11, which was the `surround sound` edition. I can't verify that personally, no 5.1 here

  The Sheep 02:41 19 Nov 2005

does that mean that mp3's are digital......................sorry?

  Skyver 02:55 19 Nov 2005

When you say digital do you mean can they be output to optical or SPDIF as a digital ie unconverted signal?

  The Sheep 03:22 19 Nov 2005

to be honest mate i dontn really know what you mean. All i want to know is, if you have an MP3 on the pc will it play out in surround sound (sorry for the ignornace btw)

  Chegs ®™ 03:28 19 Nov 2005

I use WinAmp,the version I'm using presently has Surround Sound,as I recall seeing it mentioned when I was installing this version(its according to Properties)

  Skyver 03:54 19 Nov 2005

As far as I'm aware yes it will play in surround sound - you may need to do a bit of configuration though - click here

  €dstowe 07:23 19 Nov 2005

Remember that you only get 5.1 or or any surround sound from a system if:

1. the original file is in that form. If your MP3 file is in stereo, that all you will get on output.

2. you have a sound card that is capable of handling multiple outputs, either analogue or SPDIF.

  The Sheep 18:49 22 Nov 2005

spot on guys......thanks very much :)

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