Win98,TalkTalkBB Connect & No go !

  Kalb 13:57 10 Dec 2006

Trying to connect a friend
TalkTalk CD completes modem configuration successfully..i.e. connect to Modem OK, connect to Network OK, connect to TalkTalk OK
Enter Username (Phone [email protected] etc) and password and the connection to the internet Fails
Username & password confirmed as correct via the automated phone service.
Hours( so it seemed) with Talk Talk support ( in Bengal!) trying every which way & still nothing.
They conclude we should replace the USB modem connection with an ethernet connection. The PC has no ethernet card at the moment.
Before trying that I want to try connecting manually to the internet. Please confirm that in making a new connection under Dial Up Networking I leave Area code blank, phone number 0,38 , Country region UK44
In selecting device I assume we shall find the Talk Talk modem...MT822 listed
We should be able to click on the new connection & then input the User name & Password as on the CD installation.
Anything else I should do ? The friend lives five miles away so it won't get done today !
Any observations on setting up TalkTalkBB on Win98 gratefully received

  Stuartli 14:18 10 Dec 2006

Just one small point with regard to the password is that it is lower case letters (the password is usually a mixture of letters and numbers).

You also shouldn't, I would suspect, need to put UK in the Country region as 0,38 is the UK version of the PPPoA VPI/VCI protocol (TalkTalk uses the BT local loop for basic BB).

  Stuartli 14:20 10 Dec 2006

You may need to upgrade the Windows 98 USB drivers:

click here

  Kalb 14:59 10 Dec 2006

Thanks for the response Stuartli
Point taken on the pasword...all lower case letters and will try to update the USB drivers although without being able to connect to the internet with the PC makes it difficult as you don't know which drivers are required !

  Stuartli 15:03 10 Dec 2006

You could download the drivers from your current system (i.e. the one you are using for this thread) and, if you have one, transfer them to a memory card or pen drive; even a floppy might be enough.

  Stuartli 15:04 10 Dec 2006

There is a big thread on this very subject but, unfortunately, I can't locate it...:-(

  Stuartli 15:05 10 Dec 2006

Another point is that, if and when you do get onto TalkTalk's website, the username and password for the My Account section is different.

It's the e-mail address and password chosen when signing up to TalkTalk.

  sea urchin 15:10 10 Dec 2006

I had exactly the same problem. But the answer is to ask TalkTalk to send you a second CD entitled "Connect & Go Driver Updates 08/06". It should then work immediately. I spent three weeks talking to the helpline before they told me this! Good luck.

  Kalb 15:32 10 Dec 2006

Now then Sea Urchin that is an important contribution ( saved me three weeks hassle )'d think the man in Bengal would have known about that !! Many thanks

Stuartli... thanks for the continuing support and I'm aware that we need a different user name & password once we get onto the internet (not sure if my friend has that one) but why TalkTalk needs the two different log ons beats me. Tiscali only has the one I believe.

  sea urchin 16:44 10 Dec 2006

Having used the "second" cd to update the drivers you then revert to the original cd and continue from the point you previously reached to complete the set up and email account etc.

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