Win98SE/WinMe dual install/dual boot

  Noelg23 21:01 21 Sep 2004

I want to install both Win98Se and Win ME on the same HDD but I am really finding it impossible to do this...once I install 98SE and I want ME to be installed but it keeps telling me it cant install as there is another OS on the HDD already...the disk has been partitioned and both partitions have been formatted...does anyone know a way around this and also when both are finally installed how can I dual boot from one to the other? thanks...

  LastChip 21:14 21 Sep 2004

You need to use a boot manager.

Many are available from downloads - click here but if you have Partition Magic, Boot Magic, it's associated application works well and is fully documented.

  Noelg23 21:16 21 Sep 2004

I see...last time I had boot magic it nearly killed my system but that was when I was reinstalling Win I guess I didnt need it for there anyone else with anymore info just in case?

  keith-236785 21:51 21 Sep 2004

presuming your hard drives are C & D,

start by installing windows98 to drive D.

once setup and working, restart your pc with the startup disk in the floppy, option1 to start with cdrom support, then install winME to drive C.

that should work and should also create a boot ini file which allows you to choose which windows to start.

default should be ME but you can change it by editing the boot.ini file on the C drive.

i havent actually done this but i have with xp & win98

good luck

  LastChip 22:10 21 Sep 2004

Win2K and XP have that capability, but as far as I am aware ME does not. (I'll be happy to be corrected if I'm wrong)!

The problem is, Win98se and ME both write their boot files to the Master Boot Record (MBR), not to a Boot.ini file.

Further, Noelg23 is trying to use a partitioned drive and Windows only allows one of the partitions to be active on a single drive, therefore each operating system will write it's boot file to the MBR on the active partition. This has the effect that if you load Win98se first, and C: is the active partition, although you may physically load the operating system to D:, the boot files will end up on the MBR of C:. Now, when you load ME to C:, it will overwrite the MBR with it's own boot files, thus negating Win98se.

  keith-236785 22:27 21 Sep 2004


as i said, i aint done it with me and 98. i thought it would work

might be worth a try, but maybe the other suggestion of a boot manager is the way to go.

you mentioned winxp in your thread, why not install winxp and win98 as a dual boot. (i know that works) lol

if you do, install win98 to driveD first, then xp to drive C.

is there some reason why you need winME, ME is a real dog of an operating system (in my opinion) it was the worst thing i have ever installed (i soon went back to the stable win98).

  leo49 23:05 21 Sep 2004

It's child's play if you use PM and BootMagic correctly.I used to have 6 various flavours of MESpeedos on an old PC.

  Noelg23 08:12 22 Sep 2004

XP is already on one HDD which is also partitioned so that the other half is for back up...I want both ME and 98 on the same drive so I know how to do it...its for future reference in case someone else may want the same thing. also its for my study of the A+ certification (certificate that tells people I am a certified PC technician) so its more practice than anything. I have to keep unplugging the XP hdd to install both Me and 98 on the other drive. I was up at it last nite...I used a partition program and it created the partitions but one of them I installed 98 and that went ok..but then when I installed ME it didnt put it on the other partition instead it overwrote 98SE!! not what I wanted! so now its sitting with ME and the other partition has now been found but has not been formatted. I will try again later today when I get home from work but I still need more info. when the partition program partitions the drive it should show both drives and not one...think I will go home and start all over again and this time delete the partitions that are already there. but LastChip has a point about MBR..if one OS has it on C: even tho its been installed on D: the next OS will overwrite the ones already on C: I think thats why I get a message saying setup cannot install as there is an OS already present on the drive even tho its partitioned! HELP!!

  Noelg23 08:17 22 Sep 2004

paperman27...I also use to have ME on my last PC (before it got stolen) and yes it started to go funny on me but afterwards when I reinstalled it it worked fine...I was using it for nearly 2yrs before it got nicked but I still have the ME CD with me and i have had 98SE since 1999 which was when I built my first PC which blew up on learn as you go along eh guys! so I want these along with XP on my PC...but they are both mainly for I want to try and make them have problems so I can find out how to sort them out if someone else has the same problem....

  keith-236785 19:18 22 Sep 2004

ok, the golden rule when dual booting is to install the older windows first on the second or third hard drive and then install the newer windows on drive c.

so if you want three windows on three partitions, C:,D: & E:
you would install win98 first on drive E:

then winME on drive D:

then finally winXP on drive C: which would also produce a boot loader for you.

it is down to you to take care not to overwrite any other windows, but most of the time a windows install will try to install to drive c

best of luck mate

  pipedream 19:44 22 Sep 2004

I would say that half of paperman27's golden rule is correct i.e. install Win98 or ME 1st, but it doesn't have to be d: or e:.... I've got a triple-booting hard drive with Win98 on c: (installed this first after partitioning drive), XP on d: & Win2000 on e:. As others have stated, I'm pretty sure you can't have e.g. 98 & ME dual booting without some from of boot manager.

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