Win98SE wont shut down.

  curlylad 17:19 22 Jun 2004

When closing down Win 98SE hangs at the 'windows is shutting down' screen.When it is booted back up it doesn't run scandisk even though it never shut down properly.So why does it not run the scandisk but more importantly how do we stop it from hanging ?

Thanks all in advance.

  VoG II 17:24 22 Jun 2004
  ened 17:35 22 Jun 2004

Do you know if there is a similar page for XP?

  curlylad 17:37 22 Jun 2004

Cheers buddy , I'll give those ideas a whirl later and report back.

  VoG II 17:49 22 Jun 2004
  ened 06:27 23 Jun 2004

Sorry to hijack your post.
Cheers VoG™. I have had an intermittent hang on "Windows is shutting down" for some time and have yet to get to the bottom of it.

  Stuartli 08:09 23 Jun 2004

Have you tried the Windows 98SE shutdown patch?

click here

  curlylad 17:07 23 Jun 2004

Tried the suggestions in your link but no good.The guy whos PC it is decided to format and reinstall Win 98 to see if that fixed it but now we have numerous errors.I will go back through your link suggestions but can you help with these new problems.

The display is Proview 570 on Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)

The PC can only get either 2 colours or 16.

Screen area is set at 640x480 pixels and cannot be changed.

And in device manager there is a yellow question mark next too 'Other Devices' and when I expand this it shows 'CMI 8330/C3D Audio Adapter' 3 times one under another with a question mark next to each of them.

What is going on and what is my next move?

  curlylad 09:16 24 Jun 2004

Apologies for late return , now I have tried VoG™ 'S link and yours Stuartli and it now shuts down correctly.Managed to find updated drivers for the display adapter and the audio equipment and installed them.However , on start up the machine sometimes says it is going through system recovery and when it has done this it goes back to the old settings before I downloaded the new drivers.Now I know that you are supposed to remove all traces of old drivers before you install new ones but remember all I have done is formatted the PC , installed Win98 SE , and then installed the new drivers so the only drivers that were on the system must have been the win 98 se drivers that were on the CD-ROM from the installation.Do I have to remove these drivers as well ? If so how do I remove them if they are part of the O/S ?
All this is assuming that my problem is because I have installed new drivers on top of the Win98se default drivers , if this is not what my problem is then can someone please tell me what my problem is and perhaps how to remedy it .

Cheers !

  Gongoozler 09:25 24 Jun 2004

curlylad, if you have any yellow exclamation marks or question marks, then you need to find the cause and remove them before you can have a relaly stable system. If you have a 'CMI 8330/C3D Audio Adapter' 3 times, this makes me think you possibly had a problem installing the motherboard drivers. What sound card do you have? You say that you have a Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA). This is the default Windows graphic driver. What graphics card do you actually have plugged into the motherboard?

  curlylad 09:36 24 Jun 2004

Yes I have the CMI 8330/C3D 3 times but after installing some drivers all the yellow exclamation and or question marks next to them have gone and been replaced by the names of the devices rather than 'other devices'.

Do I have to remove the cover to check what sound card I have installed ? Sorry I have never had dealings with sound cards before so how do I locate it and find out what manufacturer made it (size , shape , position) ?

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