Gartee 10:28 28 Mar 2003

I need to reinstall a messed-up Win98SE Operating System on a PC with lots of important programs and data that I cannot afford to lose. Will the reinstallation affect these programs and data? And, how exactly do I go about this reinstallation? I mean, how do I do it? Please help. Thanks for the help.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 10:33 28 Mar 2003

Depends how you wanna do it , if you format and start afreshh then yes everythin will go,but you can boot from 98cd and it should give you the option to repair the instalition and this will keep all settings and files intact,its been a long time since i did it this way i find it easier just to wipe the HDD and start again.You may need to set to boot from CD in bios first tho.

  Andsome 10:37 28 Mar 2003

If there is nothing much wrong with your 98SE, just a few minor problems, try inserting the CD and telling it to install. It will not destroy anything, it wil merely hopefully correct any minor corruptions, and replace anything deleted in error. I did this several times on my old machine, as I used to mess about a lot, and usually ended up corrupting programs.

  woodchip 10:46 28 Mar 2003

Try running SFC from the Start\Run box type in SFC insert your Win98CD and replace any corrupt files it finds

  woodchip 10:48 28 Mar 2003

PS it will also replace any deleted or changed files if you go into the settings box and tick these items

  bruce 10:48 28 Mar 2003

You *can* do a re-install of W98SE over the top of your existing installation and it will only affect your Windows installation and settings, not your other programs and data.
You should, however, back up things like your ISP settings, e-mails and Favorites.
Insert the full W98SE installation CDROM (*not* a restore version, which will wipe your whole computer and restore it to the way it came to you) and follow the prompts.
The *far* preferred course of action would be a clean installation of Windows ie an installation on a blank hard disk drive. This is the only way to guarantee fixing those Windows problems.
To do this, you'd need to have installation disks for all your programs and drivers and back up all your data. You should already have these, in any case. If not, what would you do if your computer failed to boot up?
Once you have made sure that you have a recent backup, including ISP settings, Favorites, e-mails and drivers, insert the W98SE boot floppy disk and choose 'with CDROM support'.
When it gets to and rests at the a: prompt, type in ' fdisk ' to wipe clean your computer and re-install the partition(s).
(See click here ).
Then re-boot and choose 'with CDROM support'.
This time, when it gets to and rests at the a: prompt, type in ' format c: ' (where c is the letter of the partition you want to format). This will prepare your partition to take data.
When that is done, insert your W98SE full installation CDROM and type in ' setup '. This will start the new installation.
If you haven't done it before, a clean installation will seem like a mountain to climb and will take some time to complete (allow the best part of a day, so that you can concentrate on it). The third time you do it, you'll wonder why you got so stressed out!
Remember, as long as you make sure you have backed up everything, you can always get help here if you get stuck (phone a mate and get him to post for you if you don't have alternative access).
Good luck.

  bruce 10:49 28 Mar 2003

Oops - beaten to it by slow typing.....

  pc mad 13:17 29 Mar 2003

hi, i have just bought a pc, the hard drive has been wiped clean, i am trying to install the operating system, i have changed the bios setting to get it to boot from the cd rom drive, put in the operating system cd which is xp pro, save and exit the bios setting reboot system , and it comes up "boot from cd rom failure" i understand there is a way to boot up from a floppy boot up disk, but i dont have one or know how to do it if i had, i have another pc can i make one from that? any help welcome please

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:24 29 Mar 2003

set it back how it was it should try to boot from each drive in turn(press enter at invalide system disk message)until it reads cd.If it does ent set cd for second boot after hdd.

  Megatyte 13:27 29 Mar 2003

Please start this in a new thread.

  woodchip 14:08 29 Mar 2003

Start up with a Win98 startup disc, choose start with cdrom support

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