Win98SE reinstall

  LimestoneRock 20:20 19 Nov 2004

I have been mucking about with my PC installing an external dvd writer and things did not all go right but it is in. I had to rename the drives as the writer came up with a letter I did not want and I wished to get back to C:hard drive, D: DVD drive etc. After changing the names and rebooting as required, my PC would stall right at the end of the procedure (even though the Windows 98 screen started to appear and the music started playing) and I now get a message "Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module GDI.EXE at 26.000011da". I cannot get the PC to boot in normal mode and whilst the PC boots in safe mode I cannot use the Windows CD to attempt to correct the problem. I have searched various sites regarding the GDI message above but none of the responses seems to relate to my particular problem. Even the Microsoft site goes on about fonts and internet explorer which I do not think are the cause or symptom. I am left with the idea to re-install Windows - that is using the floppy start up disk with the Windows 98 cd support but am wondering that if I do this, would I lose all my programs and files on the hard drive. I do not think I will as I will not be doing a fresh instal but would appreciate confirmation from the experts please. Any light they can throw on the GDI.EXE situation would also be welcomed.
Running Athlon 2500XP, 512 memory, 80Gb hard drive & Win 98SE.

  Completealias 20:51 19 Nov 2004

I think but am not sure that if you reinstall over the top it will ask which directory you wish to install to, as u already have a c:\windows folder it will default to c:\windows.000 if you take out the .000 and install over c:\windows again (it will warn you) u should be ok. If you do decide to give it a try I would back up all your files first.

  woodchip 20:58 19 Nov 2004

Put your Startup Floppy disc in the computer and start the comp at A:\> type SCANREG /RESTORE it should look like this after you allow the floppy to load

A:\>SCANREG /RESTORE press enter, then choose a Date before you tried to install the DVD

  LimestoneRock 22:12 19 Nov 2004

Thanks for responses. However, that from Woodchip did not work as after choosing a restore date the PC would not boot and gave me a blue screen message. Tried two dates - both the same response. I have not tried the suggestion from Completealias as without the CD drive working, I am unable to back up files etc.

  woodchip 22:16 19 Nov 2004

Then try this Start computer and keep pressing Delete key to get into BIOS set the BOOT to look at CD drive as first boot Device then save and EXIT start with Win98 CD in comp and Install over the top

  LimestoneRock 22:30 19 Nov 2004

Got the PC to boot from CD drive, as Woodchip suggested, but Windows Set-up tells me that PC already has operating system on it and if I continue, the config.sys and Autoexec.bat files will be replaced by basic versions. It recommends that I exit set-up.

  woodchip 10:21 20 Nov 2004

Let Setup run

  pj123 10:56 20 Nov 2004

As woodchip says, just let setup run. Windows doesn't need autoexec.bat or config.sys anyway. So if you deleted them Windows would just remake them again.

Another alternative is to delete "" first then run setup. This fools the setup into thinking there is no O/S on the PC.

  PA28 12:08 20 Nov 2004

I've used the tip that pj123 suggests with success, but I have also used the nuclear bomb tactic with greater success afterwards! The problem with trying to find minor errors and corruptions that may continue to bring up error messages even though the computer is largely operating OK is that it gets on your nerves eventually (and takes a lot of time). In these cases I have gone the whole hog and formatted the drive to carry out a complete reinstall. Yes, you lose everything (so make sure you've got all your backups, drivers, and program disks to hand) but the upside is that you can monitor a clean reinstall as it goes and know your system is good when you've finished. Since transferring to XP I've only had to do this once as system restore is a great "get you out of jail for free card" - but in 98 I must have gone through the mill this way some half a dozen times. It always worked and a clean machine was the result each time. Not everyone will agree with me though!

  LimestoneRock 13:24 20 Nov 2004

Thanks again for the advice. I have followed Woodchip's suggestion and run set up. After about 15 minutes I get the usual message that Windows is starting for the first time and PC starts the re-boot. I am given the choice of booting from hard disk or CD drive - with the first option the PC refuses to boot and gives the blue screen message"exception has occurred at in VXD called in VXD scsi1h1p(03) and 00000774" and if I elect for CD drive, it takes me back right to the beginning of setup and to come again to the same stage in re-booting when Windows is starting for the first time. I don't seem to be getting anywhere. Any other thoughts please? By the way pj123, how do I delete

  pj123 13:35 20 Nov 2004 is in C:\windows. Right click it and select Delete.

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