Win98se Programs columns adjust

  GRFT 11:19 14 May 2004

Can anyone supply the changes needed to display the programs listing in multi-columns from the single column which needs to be scrolled when the screen is more than full? Many thanks.

  Valvegrid 12:41 14 May 2004

Open Explorer, on the top toolbar click on View, you'll probably see in the drop-down menu the black dot is against Details, click on List instead and the files should then display in columns.

  Smiler 13:07 14 May 2004

That refers to explorer. I think GRFT is talking about the programs tab on the start menu.

  GRFT 14:50 14 May 2004

Yes, Smiler is correct. Sorry if my question was a bit vague. If I remember correctly the fix requires registry adjustments.

  woodchip 16:00 14 May 2004

Instead of having long columns, Why not customise by creating your own folders, like for photo a "Photo Edit folder" and just drag the all your photo editing software in there you can do this for other programs to group them.

  woodchip 16:04 14 May 2004

Program icons on the desktop or in the Programs are all shortcut's so if they are too long right click and choose rename then shorten or do what you want with them. the columns will self adjust to the longest name

  pj123 18:07 14 May 2004

Go to Start, Run, type in regedit and press enter.

Scroll down to: Hkey_Local_machine\Software\microsoft\windows\current version\explorer\advanced

Right click in Right hand pane
Select "new" "string value"

Name your new value StartMenuScrollPrograms press enter once (to same the name) press enter again to bring up the Edit String dialogue box.

In the Value Data field, type "false". Press enter.

Close the registry editor and reboot.


  GRFT 09:50 15 May 2004

Thank you, pj123, that was what I was looking for. Everything is now fine. Thanks also for the other suggestions

  Smiler 12:13 15 May 2004

Just done it myself. Thanks pj123.

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