WIN98SE can't find hh.exe

  polymath 21:03 20 Jul 2003

A non-urgent, but annoying problem; when I try to access Windows Help, Windows can't find hh.exe or one of its components, and advises making sure the path & filename are correct & all required libraries available.

There's a copy of hh.exe in C:\Windows\options\cabs. I can't find a way of specifying a path (not with the Help shortcut in the Start menu, anyway).

I've a vague idea that the Cabs folder is for enabling Windows features from? But I don't know if I should copy the file to somewhere.

I haven't found anything that looks relevant that isn't enabled in Windows Components.

I can't trace the problem back to anything I did, as it's existed since I've had this computer (2 or 3 years). It hasn't been a priority (largely due to the excellence of this forum!)

I'll have to go in a few minutes, - connection problems have been slowing me down, so please forgive my disappearance. Back tomorrow evening.

  VoG II 21:12 20 Jul 2003

How to extract from cab file click here

  beeuuem 23:43 20 Jul 2003

If you have trouble extracting the file try running System File Checker (Start > Run type sfc and click OK)) with the settings at check for altered and deleted files.
You'll be prompted to restore any corrupted/deleted files from your CD, including hh.exe. I know it works for hh.exe as it has restored it for me in the distant past.

  polymath 20:18 21 Jul 2003

Thanks, Vog and beeuuem.
It just happens I used system file checker recently, acting on all its suggestions. I've just had it look again, and it didn't come up with any corrupted/altered files. (I don't think it had picked up hh.exe, as it isn't in the folder I opted to back them all up in).

I tried sfc's Extract One File method, but drew a blank at 'Save file in...', as I don't know where it should live.

What location(s) should hh.exe be in?

  Wak 20:37 21 Jul 2003

Hi Polymath, I have Win 98SE and your file hh.exe is also in C:\Windows as well as C:\Windows\ Options\Cabs.
Hope this helps.

  polymath 21:32 22 Jul 2003

Thanks Wak. Problem solved!

I wasn't sure what folder in C:\Windows to go for, looked in C:\Windows\System (with Show Files); no hh. in there so just tried it as a destination. Windows Help was then available instantly.

From my experience with replacing .dll files to several likely-looking locations at once, I don't think the hh file would have done any harm in the System folder if it had been the wrong location. I suppose files in wrong places just get ignored?

Anyway, thanks all!

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