dozerman 16:45 27 Dec 2005

I have just formatted win98se and cannot reload windows,used start up floppy and can get to dos promt, not sure what to type have tied several things but nothing works. HELP PLEASE!!!

  handy4x 16:48 27 Dec 2005

It should be D:/setup.exe
if this wil not work tryE:/setup.exe
or evenF: depending how many drives you have

  dozerman 16:53 27 Dec 2005

Thanks andy4X will try that

  keith-236785 18:35 27 Dec 2005

when you say you used the startup floppy, did you choose option1 (start with cdrom support)?

if not, you would need to reboot and try again choosing to boot with cdrom support. it will tell you the available cdrom drive letter (normally E: with only one hard drive/partition)

drive C: is the main hard drive
Drive D: is a ram drive created by the startup floppy
Drive E is the cdrom drive

if you have more than one hard drive, then the letters will step up 1 or 2 or however many drives/partitions you have.

usually, at the A:> prompt you type


the prompt will change to E:>, then type setup

hope that helps

  lotvic 20:47 27 Dec 2005

reinstall guides main menu click here

reinstall guides W98se click here

with step by step pictures

  dozerman 08:27 28 Dec 2005

Thanks a lot everyone problem solved and some good sites for future.

  octal 10:29 28 Dec 2005

Just a tip, print off the pages on those sites for future use, there's nothing worst than re-formatting only to find you've deleted all the vital information, first hand experience talking.

  woodchip 10:36 28 Dec 2005

It will not be D:\ setup as you will have at least a CD drive letter and Ram drive uses that when you choose start with CD Rom Support. If you only have one Hard Drive and one CD Drive the letter is E:|

So after the above just type at prompt E: press enter this should then change to E:\> type Setup and press Enter key after Candisk as checked disc press X you can then start setup

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