Win98 user logon nightmare

  Mev 13:38 03 Apr 2003

Hey. I'm a computing student, but i'm no genius (this problem probably doesn't require a genius, but feel free if you are one). I while ago i was messing about setting up users on my win98SE system. I set up a default user in my name and a guest user. Then i changed my mind and got rid of them both. The only thing is, the user logon dialogue still pops up when my machine boots. You can't selct a user profile as i have deleted them both, all you can do is click cancel and then my machine continues to boot into windows. Is there a way of stopping this annoying little dialogue box from appearing?

  tbh72 13:57 03 Apr 2003

A simple fix....

start-->settings-->control panel-->tweakui.cpl

you can enter a username and set it to automatically log on. I await the proper answer for removing the annoying login box!!!

  Stuartli 15:29 03 Apr 2003

TweakUI can be used to disable the LogOn facility and box.

  A15 16:28 03 Apr 2003

& if memory serves me correctly all you have to do is leave the username blank & the password blank & login, then the next time you shutdown & restart the logon box will not appear. At least thats how I recall doing it.

  Legolas 19:10 03 Apr 2003

You say you click cancel, click ok not cancel.

  Mev 15:21 04 Apr 2003

Ok is greyed out. Everything is blank and all i have the option of doing is clicking cancel. Still popping up every time i boot. I can set TweakUI to automatically log me on but surely if i have deleted all the user accounts it should just boot up with no logon dialogue (like it did before i started creating and deleting users)?!?

  woodchip 15:48 04 Apr 2003

Try this do not know if it will work but it cannot do any harm. Go to Control Panel double click networking and if it says Microsoft Family Logon change it to Windows Logon click Apply click OK

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