Win98 SE Overloaded !!!!!

  kilted_jockey 22:43 12 Jul 2003

I checked the size of my win folder and to my shock it was 587mb. Surely this cannot be right ? Is there a utilitiy available to erase the duplicate files in this folder?My hard drive is only 1.18gig. Any advice grateful

  LastChip 23:24 12 Jul 2003

For a start, you could clean out all your temporary files and see what space this releases.

Go into Windows Explorer and find the Temp file. It will normally be C:\Windows\Temp. Now clear out all the files listed as temporary files (normally with a .tmp extension).

You can also do the same in C\Windows\Internet Logs.

Then do a search for any further temp or tmp files and get rid of those as well.

If no "house-keeping" has been carried out for a while, you will be surprised at how many of these files accumulate, and the amount of space they use.

  kimjhon 03:50 13 Jul 2003

My Win 98SE folder is 700MB ( plus about 200 MB of windows own backup .cab files.)
With everything as clean as I can get it.

  Valvegrid 07:25 13 Jul 2003

My Win98SE is 262MB. I have installed 98Lite and removed a lot of the rubbish that I don't use like IE5.5.

If you want a good clean-up program try this one:

click here


  jbaker65 10:38 13 Jul 2003

HI, Easycleaner by ToniArts has served me very well for a couple of years. It's free too!! cheers,John.

  kilted_jockey 11:07 13 Jul 2003

thanks for your input guys , will try out the programs mentioned

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