Win98 oleaut32.dll problems

  geoff47 23:16 19 Dec 2006

I have had a major problem over the last 4-5 days.
Firstly no programs would open, giving the error message "oleaut32.dll file cannot start.Check file to determine the problem"
Any folder that was opened was showing in web view, so it had to be altered everytime to large icons etc.see anything. To cut a long story short, I dug out my restore disc and restored the whole system.
It lasted only a few hours, before I found the PC would not shut down.Then from nowhere the error warning returned, I have just restored again to visit this hallowed place.
I had researched the failure to shutdown problem on this site, and had installed the unofficial win98 updates and the shutdown fix from microsoft.
I am assuming I have some sort of virus, but fail to see how it is still affecting me after the restore.Could it be maliciously instigated on my PC by A.N.Other from a site I visit where tempers get high ?
I am flying without any protection at the moment...having just reconnected and seek some guidance as to what I am doing wrong to be re infected almost immediately....if that what it is.
Many many thanks if anybody has any answers.

  Ashrich 23:24 19 Dec 2006

Have you tried this here Hope it works for you .


  geoff47 23:34 19 Dec 2006

Many thanks Ashrich,
My floppy drive does not work,and has not for some time, was advised here that floppy drives were old hat.
I have restored with the disc supplied when the PC was bought, cant understand why the same problem has arisen again, other than visiting the said site mentioned earlier....or am I paranoic ?

  geoff47 23:42 19 Dec 2006

It would appear to be a simpler method at this here

I shall go by that method unless I am advised otherwise before I do it.....

  woodchip 23:49 19 Dec 2006

Try putting your 98 cd in the drive then in the Run Box type SFC then press enter and run the program. This checks for Corrupt files

  geoff47 23:57 19 Dec 2006

Thank god you are I have helped me before.
My main concern is, after restoring, with the disc supplied, loosing shed loads of stuff.Why am I getting the same problem ?
My PC has virually nothing on it right now,where would this problem be coming from ?
Does the system degrade over time or am I re-introducing it from somewhere ?

  woodchip 00:05 20 Dec 2006

Just come on to check my mail andten minutes on hear, check this out if the above does not work. click here.

PS you could also try running Setup over its self, from DOS not in Windows. Use a Win98se boot disc to run in DOS click here
Tenth file from top put a floppy in the drive the Double click on the file you downloaded to create the boot disc, You will not lose any files by loading Windows over Its Self But you would do well to disable you AV before trying to reload 98

  geoff47 00:17 20 Dec 2006

As I mentioned I cannot boot from a floppy.
Can I boot from the CD drive, I know how to alter that.....can I load the files to that ? and do the same job ?
I have virtually nothing on my PC that means no firewall or AV....I have cleaned it all off by restoring....but the oleaut32dll problem popped up after all that aggro.
I have just run SFC and replaced user.exe and setupx.dll....are my problems over ? Without concerning myself about oleaut32dll again ?

  Wak 10:33 20 Dec 2006

Hi Geoff47, I run Win 98SE (fully updated) and have two versions of the file Oleaut32.dll on my computer.
1. Version 2.40 908KB dated 28/8/02 is installed in C:\Windows \System
2. Version 2.20 481KB is installed in the files covering my printer (Lexmark).

Another version 5.1 540KB can be downloaded from click here

You could try the downloaded version above and if this does not work I would send you the other versions if you wish to email me via the yellow envelope next to my name.
This way you will not need your floppy drive.

  geoff47 15:21 20 Dec 2006

I hope I may have sorted it out now.
I downloaded VBRun60.exe and ran that.
I did that after following other instructions to boot into safe mode locate the file in windows\systems directory delete it then run VBRun60.exe, but got the message "Oleaut32.dll is being used by windows you cannot delete it" or similar,I tried to move it to My Documents and/or rename it so I could replace it but got the same message that it was in use.

Does anyone know for sure if this is a virous or just the system becoming unstable with age or missuse ? I said earlier it occured after visiting a site with persons that may have been hostile toward myself....(tell me I am being paranoic....please)

  woodchip 20:33 20 Dec 2006

Have you tried in Safe mode to get rid of it?.

You shold be able to boot with the Win98se CD if your BIOS supports CD booting. you could then run Setup from that. But as in my last post you would do well to remove your Anti Virus before trying to Run Setup

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