win98 installation

  ANTHONY-268247 17:41 26 Oct 2005

I am trying to install win98 on a computer running win95
when I Use the boot disk I can not access the CD drive.
I have MSCDEX on the boot disk but it does not make and difference

How do I prepare a boot disk with CD support


  PaulB2005 17:42 26 Oct 2005

The Windows 98 CD is bootable itself and there is no need for a boot floppy...

  ANTHONY-268247 18:58 26 Oct 2005

If I fdisk and format the C drive etc
Do I then alter the boot order in the bios and then just boot with the win 98 Cd in plce.


  BRYNIT 19:02 26 Oct 2005

If you are using the win 98SE boot disk you may find that the CD drive is the E drive and not D.

  woodchip 19:02 26 Oct 2005

Download and use this boot disc to put 98 on click here

  woodchip 19:04 26 Oct 2005

PS you do not need to use FDISK unless you want to change the partitions. You only need

Format C:

You can change to Fat32 in Win98 after if its not Fat32 now

  ANTHONY-268247 15:15 29 Oct 2005

The downloaded floppy suggested be woodchip would not work but another one down-loaded from /click here did and WIN98se now all installed

Many thanks for all your help

  Sprintthegrint 17:27 29 Oct 2005

I have an antique cd rom drive . It works perfectly for all read only (i.e. pre-recorded) cd's. It also reads CD-R with no problem. However , it doesn't see CD-RW's which I know have been written to. All I get is a 'device not ready' message box.I'm also running
98SE so is there some formatting problem here? Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks

  Sprintthegrint 17:29 29 Oct 2005

That shouldn't have been here, my appologies.

  Splork 17:29 29 Oct 2005

It's too old to be able to read the discs.

  woodchip 18:30 29 Oct 2005

Win98se Boot disc Tenth file from top click here to Create the boot disc you have to use a Win98 computer it will no make it right on a XP computer. Put a clean floppy in computer and double cick the file you downloaded

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