Win95&98 - How do I clear information/my data?

  Sooze! 11:40 18 Jun 2004

I have an old pc which I am giving away to my cousin. The computer is currently set up with Wins 95 which was updated to Wins 98. I am unsure how I go about clearing my personal data etc. I have managed to delete all my word files and delete all my old e-mails etc, and wins 98 was uninstalled quite easily. Is this enough to ensure all my personal data on Wins 98 is cleared for good? and once I'd done that I tried to do the same with wins 95 but I still haven't fathomed it out. However, I remember when my Dad gave the computer to me he had alreay installed wins 98 ontop of 95 so I never actullay used the 95 - but he has microsoft publisher/word etc set up with my intials - how do I make sure I set up the computer properly for her and ensure all my data is off including my name etc?

I'd be grateful for any advice as my computer skills are self taught and I've never had to prepare or set up a computer before - it has usually been done for me.

  recap 11:54 18 Jun 2004

You could Fdisk the computer. click here it may help you?

  Fruit Bat 13:20 18 Jun 2004

There are programs out there that will retrieve data off a hard disk even if its been reformatted. you need a program which will overwrite the data with 1s and 0s making it unreadable, try one of these

File erasers :-
Eraser click here
Ultrawipe click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:49 18 Jun 2004

All you need to do is reformat it, there is little point in going to extremes unless you ahve a conract with the CIA. Eraser and Ultrawipe are for the mentally paranoid and are ridiculous for home use.


  pj123 19:47 18 Jun 2004

I agree with GANDALF <|:-)>. Your cousin is hardly likely to want to try and retrieve any of your data, so just format the disk and re-install the operating system of your choice. Remember, though you will need all the other drivers as well, like the sound, graphics, modem and any programmes that may have been installed on it.

  Sooze! 01:12 19 Jun 2004

Thanks to pj123,Gandalf<|:-)>,fruit bat and recap for the advice. I'm going to format the disk and re install windows 98.
Thanks Sooze!

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