Win95 Floppy drive locked on missing floppy

  Danoh 05:02 24 Oct 2004

My son has taken a floopy disk out of his W-95 PC before an operation was completed. Now the W-95 PC will not accept any operation with other floppies but we can not find the one he was using.

Is there a way to free W-95 away from still expecting to finish the original floppy operation so that the floppy drive can be brought back into use?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Valvegrid 07:08 24 Oct 2004

You should be able to re-boot the computer which should free it, or are you getting an error message? If so what does it say?

  Danoh 11:53 24 Oct 2004

For all floppies I've tried, the error msg was A:\ is not accessible. The device is not ready.

However, when I used "send to" I got a message along the lines of "insert floppy with volume/address nnnnnn" which led me to believe it was due to an incomplete operation to/on a floppy file.

However, with 2 sons, I just tried to open and close down a couple of word documents that I knew the younger had been working on, on that computer. Having done that, I seem to be able to copy those documents to floppy. But still unable to read them, so obviously some corruption there.

  Graham ® 12:28 24 Oct 2004

Can you uninstal the floppy drive in Device Manager? Then when you re-boot, Windows should find and re-instal it.

  Graham ® 12:37 24 Oct 2004

Try re-starting in MS-DOS mode. Type 'unlock a:' without the quotes, Enter.

  Danoh 13:51 24 Oct 2004

Thanks. Un-installed and Win95 re-installed on re-boot as you say. But still have the same problems;

"Please insert drive NO NAME with serial number B89D-CD42 in Drive A. Press Enter for OK or ESC to Cancel"

Then when I tried to format a floppy in A:, in case it was NTFS rather than FAT, I got an "extended Error 1,282" message?!!

Can't remember how to re-start in MS-DOC mode again. "unlock" command is not recognised via the RUN command-line box.

  Graham ® 14:42 24 Oct 2004

Start, Shut Down, Restart in MS-DOS Mode.

  Danoh 15:52 24 Oct 2004

Thanks! (DOH!) Still have the same problems unfortunately. Could it be the physical floppy drive h/w at fault?

  Graham ® 15:58 24 Oct 2004

Might be worth changing it out with another if you have one, just to prove.

  Danoh 16:29 24 Oct 2004

Don't have a spare one, but apart from the casing the floppy is the only original part remaining from the original PC.... This could very well be the final straw for ol' faithful.... < sniff >

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