MANDY 21:21 31 Jan 2003

hello everyone
have a old pc at home which i want to reinstall with win 95 due to lost and corrupt files how can i install or restore with out losing all my data as their is no sfc or restore can anyone help thanks andy.

  woodchip 21:30 31 Jan 2003

The only way that it mite work is by running it over it's self, Put you 95 disc in make shure not anti-virus or other software is running that can interfere with setup. Then go to Run and type CD drive letter if D:\ then it would be D:\setup and press run

  Old PC man 21:31 31 Jan 2003

Can you get anything on booting up the computer?
Welcome screen, O/S beeps, Anything??

John /#)

  woodchip 21:37 31 Jan 2003

If you cannot get to windows you need to run from dos with a win98 disc from click here put it on a floppy and start with it

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