win7 disappeared

  Liza 11:31 17 Jul 2010

I installed Windows 7 from XP and it installed beautifully and I liked it. Therefore 2 OSs appeared on startup 'one earlier Win and the other Win 7'. However later on there was a problem with XP so I put the XP disk in the drive and requested Repair. XP repaired but Win 7 is no longer there. I think it installed in D where there is 200 gb space. Do Ihave to do a dual install and will I lose anything doing this? Please help. Liza

  rdave13 11:41 17 Jul 2010

Have a look at method two section 7 to repair windows 7 boot file. Seems that repairing XP has and does damage the boot file;
click here

Worth reading all of the section really.

  Liza 01:57 18 Jul 2010

Thanks rdave13. Yes I'll have a read and hopefully fix the problem. Liza

  Liza 22:39 19 Jul 2010

Hello All
Reference my cry about the disappearance of Win7, guess what, it suddenly came (more like bounced its way!) back. I was reading the tuition about how to dual xp and win7 particularly an article by a person about losing Win7 when there was a boot up and 7 came back. I was also at that time waiting to restart XP because Update had finished updating but I could not because Paragon was backing up my System from the cd that came in PCPro mag. When the razmataz happened all hell broke loose I lost the backing up, also I think the restart for XP update and AVG and there was Paragon screaming for anti virus protection and his backup. I did not get time to hold on to F6 to offer the flash disk for Raid to Win7. I am in limbo.Liza

  woodchip 23:17 19 Jul 2010

When you did a Repair you Scrubbed the Boot sector on the Hard Drive so it only sees one Operating System, You need to use another boot manager as Win 7 is still there click here

  Liza 23:10 21 Jul 2010

Hello woodchip
Thanks for your help. As I said there was a Backup software from Paragon backing up. At the same time Update was doing its bit for XP. Update wanted to restart but I held restart because Backup wanted to go on. I think Update must have restarted so Backup was temporarily lost but, good news, the restart brought back Win7. Your Boot Manager sounds very interesting. I will not do anything for the time being, perhaps even stop Paragon Backup. It sounds so complicated, wants to be on all the time and so a problem for Update which comes on everyday to do update for XP. Liza

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