Win7 desktop just stops or freezes

  bumpkin 19:41 09 Apr 2015

I have an old appx 7yrs Win 7 desktop which worked yesterday. Today it will not boot from either of its 2 HDD's. It will boot from the windows DVD but not do a repair. Trying a clean instal it runs through the proccess then just stops/freezes before completion. Trying to recover from backup using Macrium boot disk it will boot from the disk OK and then just stop again, when it stops I can't even use the mouse or keyboard. The only thing that I did yesterday was fit another 3rd sata HDD which I had to do via a PCI card which was working I have now removed it and the card. Not sure what I have screwed up this time but there must be some way of recovering it.

  robin_x 20:39 09 Apr 2015

Presumably you are trying Startup Repair, clean install or Macrium with the same HDD?

Can you disconnect it and just try booting to the other HDD?

Also try Command Prompt and chkdsk C: /f /r on the first HDD.

Does BIOS see them both OK?

How about Partition Wizard Bootable CD?

  bumpkin 21:20 09 Apr 2015

Thanks, robin, I have tried the other HDD but the same result. I cannot get to Command Prompt as it will not boot . Bios does see them both in HDD drives if both are connected but when I first start Bios it only sees the DVD drives. When I go to Hard Disk Drives they both show as RAID :Seagate etc or RAID:MDT etc which are the drives.

  bumpkin 21:52 09 Apr 2015

I can make a Partition Wizard Bootable CD on another PC.but I doubt it will work I have just tried again with the windows DVD and get to "setup is starting services" then it just stops. Using elimination PSU is fine, tried 3 DVD drives same result and 3 HDD drives which leaves memory, CPU or motherboard failure.

  robin_x 22:30 09 Apr 2015

I was thinking earlier you might have a bad HDD. But sounds not.

Unless you are leaving multiple items connected.

Remove everything you don't need. Try 1 stick of memory. Try both drives (separately).

Reseat everything (cards and MB connectors) that cannot be left unplugged.

What sort of graphics do you have? On-board or card or both? Can you run without a card (if you have one)

Did you say you tried another PSU and result is the same?

I don't understand "Elimination PSU is fine"

  bumpkin 09:49 10 Apr 2015

"I don't understand "Elimination PSU is fine"

I meant I had eliminated the PSU as the cause, it tests as OK.

I think the problem began when I fitted a third HDD sata drive using a PCI card to gain extra sata ports.

I have now removed it and the drive.

The two drives I now have do not show in the "Main" section of BIOS but oddly they both show in "Boot Options" but are now prefixed with the word "RAID".

When I fitted the PCI card (now removed) Windows installed it. Possibly it was a RAID card whatever that is.

I am fairly sure that my problem is related to that.

A bit beyond me so stuck as to what to do next.

  bumpkin 15:16 10 Apr 2015

Thanks for your suggestions robin-x, it was a problem with the raid card changing the bios settings (I think) now re-set bios to sata and working again.

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