h_miah 12:31 20 Jul 2003

What is this file? It has taken about 108mb of my c:/! Is it safe to delete this? WHat can I do to make it smaller?

  DieSse 12:35 20 Jul 2003

No, you musn't touch it. It's the SWAP or paging file, that is essential for Windows operation.

Windows uses it as "virtual memory" to suppllement the actual real RAM.

If an 108Mb file is causing you disk space problems, then you should be looking at a larger disk drive.

  bremner 12:36 20 Jul 2003

It is an essential system file that you cannot delete.

You can set a maximum size for it but it is better to leave Windows to manage this file itself.

Post back if you want to know how to set it yourself.

  DieSse 12:37 20 Jul 2003

PS - if you could manage to delete it, it would only come staright back again on the next boot - but I don't think Windows will let you, and it would probably cause a crash if you did.

  h_miah 12:40 20 Jul 2003

how do you set the maximum size?

  pj123 15:37 20 Jul 2003

To answer your question "how do you set the maximum size" we would need to know, what operatng system are you using, how big is your hard disk and how much memory do you have?

  h_miah 19:51 20 Jul 2003

I have windows 98 second edition. My c: is 1.99gb, my D:, and E: are the same size. I am not sure how much memory I have, I think its 256mb.
I know it's really old, hopefully i'll get a new one soon.

  davidg_richmond 19:54 20 Jul 2003

I think there is a way in DOS to delete the file, and Windows re-creates it when you boot back in but I can't find any references to this. All this does is refresh the information in it to slightly increase performance.

Just run Disk Cleanup to get rid of any rubbish.

  DieSse 19:57 20 Jul 2003

To be honest, it's not worth touching - you are unlikely to improve anything, and could make things worse. Just let Windows do what it needs with it.

I have never touched the settings, or felt the need to, ever since there first was a setting!!

  pj123 11:20 21 Jul 2003

Right Click on My Computer, select Properties, Click on Performance, then click on Virtual Memory. You then have a window with some options.
1. Let windows manage my virtual memory etc..
2. Let me specify my own etc?

It is normally recommended to choose 1. which is the default. But if you want to change these setting click on 2. Let me specify my own. You can then enter the minimum and maximum you would like for virtual memory. Having done that and OK?d it you will get a reminder ?are you sure? etc? just click yes, and, on some computers you may be prompted to restart your computer. I would suggest you restart your computer anyway. If your C: drive is getting full and you have lots of space on one of your other drives you can move the swap file to one of those. I would leave yours where it is and let Windows manage it.

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