Win32.Trojan-gen[other] removal?

  Shortstop 16:54 26 Sep 2007


Running XP Home with Avast AVG + A-squared.

Today I booted up & Avast warned me that the above Trojan has been found in Windows>Sys 32> Drivers> mchLnjdrv.sys. Avast offers to rename, delete ignore or put into vault. All options have been tried, but the system picks up the infection upon reboot. I have tried A Squared - but this does not even pick up the Trojan. System Restore has been switched off, but this has had no effect.

How do I remove this?



  mymate 17:12 26 Sep 2007
  mymate 17:15 26 Sep 2007

click here

Maybe run this with system restore turned off .

Another one click here

  mfletch 17:29 26 Sep 2007

Hi Avast has been picking up false positives,

I have Avast and it picked up a Trojan in SmitfraudFix {A false positive}

Do you use Comodo firewall?

I think Comodo use mchLnjdrv.sys to attach to other programs

You could do a scan with SAS Superantispyware to check for the Trojan to be on the safe side,

Check for any updates before using SAS,

FREE/ SAS/ click here


  Shortstop 19:01 26 Sep 2007

No, I do not use Comodo - or any firewall.

Interestingly, the listed infected file is no longer in the folder where it is claimed to be.

Must be a false positive - but how do I stop it from appearing again? Shall I format [seems a bit overkill]?



  mfletch 19:23 26 Sep 2007

Hi You should definitely be using a firewall,

And is your AVG antivirus or antispyware?

You should only have one Antivirus {avast}

In avast right click on the icon in your system tray and click on program settings,

Then on Exclusions add the file path in there it will then be excluded,


  Shortstop 20:30 26 Sep 2007


We agree to differ - never used a firewall before & see no need to start doing so now.

Anyhow, tried to exclude the path as you suggested, rebooted & the virus was found again [?] Looking at the folder, the listed infected file was not there - so it appears that Avast AVG had somehow go it itself into a loop and was reading files that had already been removed.

I have uninstalled Avast now & gone back to AVG free AVG, which is a competent program and I have used it before.

Thanks for your help - at least it identified another path rather than a full format :o)



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